Snow, how nice!

Snow, how nice!

In the morning, open the curtain and have a look, ha! It's snowing!

Snowflakes are falling from the not blue sky surrounded by half. They are very beautiful, some pentagonal, some hexagonal, some small particles, so small and exquisite; They are very light, as if they have no weight; They are very leisurely, very leisurely, leisurely, no one seems to urge like, slowly fall.

Gently push open the window, the snowflakes seem to understand my heart, let the wind help them, they played a big spin in the air and then flew into my house, landed on the floor, but a short time then melt. Looking at the distance, the snow on the roof is not very thick, but it's not too thin. It feels just right. On the roof, it turns into a high and low white roof, like a fairy tale world. The vast expanse of white on the ground, accompanied by the small and exquisite flying snow in the air, the slight sunshine and the Mountains in the distance, is beautiful, just like the ink painting carefully outlined by a famous painter. Everything seemed so peaceful and beautiful.

When you go downstairs, the first thing you see is snow. It's snow that flutters on your face. It's snow that children play with. It's snow that photographers take. It's snow too. There are also dance lovers wearing cheap ballet dance shoes to dance ballet in the snow. It's really like a beautiful white swan dancing in the sky city!

In the evening, I went to the composition class, and the teacher took the students to play with the snow. Trees, cars, grass, the ground, all snow. Stand under the tree. Gently shake the branches bent by the snow, the snow falls, eyelashes, hair, clothes are falling a little snow. The little snowman under the tree is very beautiful, like an elf, like a snow fairy.

Hold up a group of snow, in the light, crystal clear, but also against the light, look carefully, you can see lovely snowflakes. Open mouth a bite, loose soft, chew two ice cool, and then carefully aftertaste, a sweet surge on the heart. He kneaded the snow into a ball and threw it into his hat. He ran away. We are snowballing and fighting with each other. We are sliding rapidly forward in the frozen place. A group of teenagers are laughing and fighting. It seems that they are back to their carefree childhood. The pressure of study and the troubles of life are all gone now. From time to time came the sound of someone slipping, followed by excited screams and noises. The vast white world was boiling up and became extremely lively.

In the afternoon dance class, the teacher gave us cheap dancing shoes and let us dance tap dance on the snow on the roof. We wore cheap tap dancing shoes and danced happily on the snow. This kind of sound is different from what we usually do on the dance stage! What a fun and creative experience!

Snow, how nice!

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