So called friends

Some people say that a friend is a roof that supports each other. Without a house, it is no longer stable. Others say that a friend is a sail on a ship. If a ship is lost, it will still move forward with two oars. Each of us has a different definition of a friend.

When you are alone, tasting tea and enjoying the scenery outside the window, are you also asking yourself, friends, what kind of person are you?

Since ancient times, no matter princes and nobles or civilians in cloth clothes, everyone has his own friends, even if some are driven by interests and some are true feelings in adversity. But I have to admit that friends are an important role and indispensable in the drama of life.

When we were children, the concept of a friend was nothing more than a partner who played together, robbed candy together and played hide and seek together. Even if we cried, a smile will dilute the salty tears and be happy every day.

When childhood time is no longer, we gradually grow up with more than age and size, and our friendship expands slowly with the passage of years. Among friends, in addition to childhood playmates, there will be more fresh faces. When we greet them with a smile, some people's faces have gradually blurred.

When we are busy and mature, we look back and find that some people on the road together are no longer around us. We choose different roads, and then run west and East. Even if we greet each other occasionally and greet each other when we meet, we have to admit that our common topic is limited to the familiar names in our childhood. We all have our own "circle" and talk about our own topics.

Gradually, gradually, friends are classified. Childhood friends, reading friends, working friends, friends of friends, even "useful friends" and "useless friends"... Some classifications are sad.

I once heard a saying that friends are used to betray. I feel very uncomfortable after hearing it. Maybe sometimes, we are also divided into different categories by our friends. As a tool in the social circle, it is sad, but sometimes it is reality.

When more and more people are blinded by interests, friends become the ladder of "progress" of others, and friends are no longer people who comfort and rely on each other. No wonder people will sigh that a confidant is enough in life! When you are happy, the person you think of is a true friend. If you share with him, you will feel that happiness has been amplified; When you are sad, the person who comes near you is a true friend. If he shares it, you will feel that the burden on you is not so heavy

The so-called friend is the one who silently watches you from a distance. Even if you can't feel his existence, when you have difficulties, he will try his best to solve them for you.

The so-called friend is the one who reminds you from time to time that the weather is cool and clothes are added, and occasionally greets you even when you are free. You can talk on the phone for a long time and still have a topic.

The so-called friend is the one who is still willing to stand beside you when you are at the bottom of your life. They don't mind other people's comments on you and always hold your hand.

We don't need to send umbrellas in the rain or carbon in the snow to measure our friends. We don't ask our friends to intervene in our own affairs. We just want that in a troubled world, there are so many people who can complain to me and listen to my troubles. No matter where in the world, it's enough to feel warm when we think of you.

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