So ordinary, so extraordinary

On July 4, it has been five days since the social practice team of "blooming summer" came to Shiqiao unconsciously, and it is also unconsciously integrated into the ordinary life here, with a little quiet atmosphere. We are no longer as polite as new arrivals, but begin to take this place as our life itself.

During the day, Shiqiao was as quiet as a calm lake with a few ripples. However, when night fell, everything became restless, breaking the calm of the day. A group of women in green jackets and black skirts danced gracefully in the open space of the school, unified and beautiful. All their steps twisted with the vibrating music, and their faces were full of joy and happiness. Although sweat had soaked their backs, they still made a sound with hearty laughter. Not only they, but also the uncles. Every night, the uncles are practicing drums and dragon dance. That kind of formation is really powerful from the bones. At the beginning, I couldn't understand why they did the same thing every day, and I was a little disgusted with this harsh voice. However, I am still moved by them. Their persistence and enthusiasm can make them shine brightly. It is in conflict with the lifestyle I adhere to. I always think that people should be busy and not idle, otherwise they will lose their will. But I see that they live in a variety of ways, such as some things that cannot be solved in a hurry, step by step, busy and orderly, and interesting in leisure. Slowly, every night, I would come out to watch the aunts' dancing and the uncles' drum beating, and give them loud applause at the end.

What they are doing now is for the performance on July 5, which is of great significance to their village. Therefore, every night, the village committee comes to guide, the villagers come to watch and cheer up, and the children run indulgently by the side. This is a village, not only those who represent the performance, but also the efforts of a village. It can be seen from this that the village is really peaceful and United. In addition, I see the spirit of the times of keeping pace with the times from their way of life, as well as the change of ideas. Life has changed one person after another. Maybe they are weeding in the fields during the day, bending their backs in the vegetable garden, with traces left by the sun exposure on their bodies, women love their husbands and teach their children, worry about three meals that day, and so on, but cross dressing at night is the wonderful way they live from the ordinary. Although it is true every day, the wonderful life will never be thrown away. This is life itself. There are always many wonderful things, just how you want to treat it.

This lovely and mysterious village always inadvertently reveals different reasons and states. No wonder, I will be attracted by it and can't extricate myself!

Perhaps, some things should be natural, just like Zhuang Zi's casual and comfortable natural and unrestrained. So ordinary, but so extraordinary. Huguang Town, you are really a delicious and unforgettable dish.

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