Some people say that frequency is the most mysterious thing in love

Frequency, a physical concept, refers to the number of vibrations completed in a unit time, and is a quantity that describes the frequency of reciprocating motion of vibrating objects. Of course, love has its own frequency. If the frequency is right or similar, two people will resonate and feel good together. Maybe it's love at first sight.

Some people say that frequency is the most mysterious thing in love. Only one knows whether it is right or not. If the frequency is right, you can be considerate to each other when you are together. You can share your feelings freely when you talk. When not speaking, they can also share quiet time and cooperate with each other. Even a small quarrel, but also towards the way I want to love you more.

It is the happiest thing in life to find people with the right frequency. The frequency is wrong, and there are a lot of words that are not congenial. Anything you do is annoying, and you will not like it.

In fact, everyone hopes to find a person who likes himself or herself, but in fact, the probability is very small. It is the saddest thing in life that some people have to be together based on habits and responsibilities after being wrong all their lives.

However, frequency is also a variable quantity. For example, the frequency of two people cannot be completely consistent, and there will always be differences in one way or another. However, if two people can work together, it is possible to achieve close or basic consistency through adjustment.

For this reason, although love has its fixed frequency, as long as we reform it with heart and work together, we can also make the frequency of love close to the same, which is often called the running in function of marriage. As long as they run in well with each other and operate well, love can also have a similar frequency and a better marriage.

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