Soon after, they got married

She held the child with one hand behind her and the other protecting her head. She sat on the seat, watching the scenery outside the window fly away, inch by inch disappearing, and her face was solemn and sad. The child in her arms seemed to know her mother's sadness and cried loudly. She patted the child on the back with her hand without a word.

People around her began to point out, even whispered, but she still looked out of the window, solemn and sad.

Until the child's cry alerted the police on the train.

He frowned and looked skeptically towards her. He piled up the smiles on his face and asked politely: Excuse me, can I sit here for a while? She didn't even look back. She looked out of the window and nodded.

He sat down, and the child was still crying, decibels unchanged. The child is two or three years old. He has a plump face and is very popular. Now he is crying happily, and tears are still hanging around his eyes.

He began to talk to the baby. Why is the baby still crying when she is so old? Watching the baby stop crying, the guard said again, how old is the baby? Where is home?

I'm three years old. My family is in Hangzhou. Intermittent, sobbing, sobbing, it took a long time to finish.

Who is it with you? Where's your father?

It was my mother who took me to find my father.

Why are you still crying, dear? If you stop crying, your mother will disappear!

Mom, don't go! The child put his arms around her neck and rubbed her with his small face.

She turned around and he saw the woman's face. He looked so young on his face, completely unlike the mother of a three-year-old child. She touched the girl's head and asked softly: Don't let her mother go, right? The child nodded.

You can go wherever your mother goes? The child nodded.

What if I never see my father again? The child raised his head and looked straight into his mother's eyes. He did not speak or nod.

The woman held the baby more tightly. Then he turned to him and said, "Don't worry. I am the mother of the child, not a trafficker.".

He smiled awkwardly, touched his head and got up to leave.

She met him again on the train, and she returned to Hangzhou alone with her children from Beijing.

He wanted to speak, but he didn't speak.

Their second meeting was spent in silence.

Maybe it was predestined fate that made them meet for the third time. When he went downstairs to buy salt for his mother, he saw her again. Lead the children and choose things. It turns out that they live so close, maybe they are still in a community.

He saw that she was carrying a lot of things, so he took the initiative to help. When she saw him, she was a little surprised and asked: Do you also live in the xx community?

Yes, we are still neighbors!

She nodded and asked the child to call her uncle good. The child immediately recognized the uncle who was chatting with her on the train to amuse her, and immediately went forward to embrace his thigh, very affectionate.

He insisted on helping her carry things home, saying that she had to carry things and lead the children alone, which was inconvenient. She could not resist him and had to agree.

To her downstairs, he found that she lived so close to him.

They have more contacts.

He gradually learned a lot about this young mother who was alone with her children. She used to be a student of N University. She was always smart and always skipped grades. At the age of 22, she passed the postgraduate examination. I also met her husband in the same year, and then it was a flash marriage. I didn't even want to study, so there was no way out. I stayed at home in Hangzhou and had a comfortable life. It was a phone call from her husband who said nothing about divorce. She took her children to Beijing, where her husband worked, overnight. She wanted an explanation, but what she saw was a beautiful woman in her arms. After returning to Hangzhou, it was a heart ache.

He is distressed for her. She is so gentle and lovely in front of him, which is worthy of deep love. However, he was still laughed at by his neighbors. She was indifferent and indifferent.

He began to run to her house in a shameless manner, willing to do things for her. As smart as she, she knew his mind long ago and finally told him on that day. Don't come to my house tomorrow. You are busy with your work. I can take care of myself.

Well, I have nothing to do at home.

She sighed. I don't care about the gossip outside. I was divorced, I was young with children, I was foolish to give up my studies to get married, and they were right. But I don't want to add one more stroke. I feel lonely and begin to hook up with people everywhere. Besides, you are at the age of marriage. This is always the case, which will leave a bad impression on other girls.

He was also a little happy. She still cared about him and would think about him. You know, I like you.

She had no words. She didn't expect him to be so straightforward. She lowered her head and twisted her fingers.

However, he was a little impulsive. He directly grabbed her hand and went downstairs to his home.

She was completely stunned and let him drag her.

He took her to his home. She can't remember what he said at that time. Then there was silence. His parents looked at her, frowning and saying nothing.

Soon after, they got married.

Now they still live in the building in front of my home. In the summer evening, they can still be seen walking downstairs with their children. When we walked together that time, we heard them talk about their first meeting on the train in detail, and the things behind were all passed by, but the difficulties were never mentioned. Just holding hands, happiness, and looking at each other. She said with a smile that he used to be shameless, but later he pretended to be silly and cute. He held the child, smiled and nodded, a little embarrassed, but did not contradict.

Although she had not graduated from a graduate school, she was also a graduate of a famous university. When the child was older, she left her to her grandmother to look after her, went out to find a job, and went out early and returned late with him. He complained that she was tired.

The days are dull and happy.

She is gentle, and he is warm.

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