Spend a beautiful summer vacation with "blooming summer"

Just after the second semester of freshman year, our "blooming summer" social practice team immediately set out to carry out a ten day three rural education. For this three trips to the countryside, when I left, I was sitting on the way to Shiqiao primary school. I was nervous and excited. I was not only worried about whether I was qualified to teach for the first time, but also expected to spark the love between teachers and students with the students and have a happy ten days with them. With this feeling, I came to Shiqiao primary school.

Seeing Shiqiao primary school at the first sight makes me feel familiar, because it is very similar to my primary school. I also grew up in a rural primary school. It has no beautiful new teaching buildings, green playgrounds, multi-functional classrooms and other resource classrooms. The school is dilapidated, leaving only three grades and three classes. Seeing this, I suddenly feel that I have one thing in common with these students - we have all studied in the same environment, which makes me understand their life and feelings.

The first day, the second day, the ninth day and the tenth day are the most tiring and challenging. On the first day, we went through packing, hitchhiking, cleaning our homes and campus. The fatigue and pain at the end of the day made me unbearable. I was so tired that I almost wanted to sit on the ground and sleep on the ground at any time. The next day we should be familiar with the campus, teaching, buying vegetables and cooking, and separation skills are not enough. But after these two days, we are all familiar with the campus, familiar with the students, and cultivate feelings for this school. We like this group of naive and lively children, whose faces are always smiling, and they don't understand worry and sadness. On the ninth and tenth days, in addition to teaching and logistical work, we also have to prepare for the last night's Gala. At midnight, there will be music, which is the rehearsal of the singing performance team-mates; Aerobics teammates rehearse for five or six hours a day, their clothes are wet with sweat, and their socks are worn out; In order to speak a line well, the drama crew practiced it more than ten times. We did our best for the gala, working together in one place, unity and cooperation. Although everyone was hard and tired, no one shouted too tired and worked silently.

And three trips to the countryside also made me meet many firsts. When I was teaching for the first time, standing on the stage, the students called me teacher Xu; For the first time, I cooked in a big pot in the kitchen of the village committee, and the whole team gathered to eat and chat; For the first time, I saw groups of fireflies in the field, flashing, like the stars in the sky as said in the book; For the first time, I danced aerobics and practiced with five teammates day and night, which made me gain five precious friendships. Our "blooming summer" practice team witnessed the saying "share weal and woe". Share delicious food and joy with you, and be able to lend a helping hand in times of difficulties, regardless of who does more and who does less.

But the happiest thing was to meet 19 lovely students in grade one. As a class teacher in grade one, my feelings with students will also be deeper than those of other teammates. They are obedient in class and love to play with me after class. Their favorite thing is to take photos of face u in my mobile phone. One of their favorite things is the expression of kittens and dogs in it. As soon as I stop to take back my mobile phone, they look for my pocket and my backpack, which makes me really sad and funny. This group of students is really very interesting.

This summer vacation with "blooming summer" is an unprecedented experience for me. It is tired but happy, it is busy but worth it, it is hard but beautiful. Let's carry these memories, never forget our original intention, and stick to it.

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