Start in drizzle and return with full load

The 10-day "three trips to the countryside" activity has gradually come to an end today. It can be said that when I recall these days, I feel a lot of emotion. Here, I have gained a lot, including happiness, pride, unity and gratitude

In the past few days, I have been to the countryside for three times. What I feel is that the environment here is not very good, there are many mosquitoes, and the weather is cloudy and sunny. However, we are brave enough to overcome all these difficulties.

If someone asked me what was the biggest harvest in the process of going to the countryside, I would say happy and happy. I am a fixed member of the support group, and support is my main task. I will prepare the courseware in advance and think about how to express it. I have had one science lesson and three biology lessons in the past few days. Whenever I see that the students in the class are focusing on my lectures and ppts, and they are actively answering questions, I will feel proud and happy because my lessons have successfully attracted students. We are a united team, and we should actively participate in everything. When there are no classes, I often go to the logistics group to help prepare meals. The kitchen is a good place to talk about everyday life. We often talk about today's food prices, the general cooking tastes of each family, and what dishes to cook. I have participated in a field survey. This is the first time that I have taken the questionnaire to the grassroots level. I think the survey is a good opportunity to exercise my ability to communicate with others, because I have to take the questionnaire to let others fill in and persuade others to cooperate with me. At the same time, I also heard the voice of the grass-roots people, which is very valuable. During the activities, I also went to help. A few hours before the party, I worked with everyone to make the curtain. Although we all endured the hot sun and squatted on the ground to work, what we saw was the unity of everyone.

In Sanxia village, the people I want to thank are this group of lively and lovely students. Thank you. In you, I saw a little childish, rebellious and lively in my junior high school. You have brought us infinite happiness and moving to the countryside. I hope you can grow up healthily and happily.

The good time is always so short. Our "full sky star" social practice team set out in the drizzle and returned with full fruits under the sunny sky. We, together, are a fire, turning into stars. We hope that the big family of 16 Chemistry 3 will join hands and create infinite beautiful days together in the future.

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