Still a good friend

We are good friends, or just good friends. If we don't have the courage, we will miss it like this

Friends, lovers? Believe that those who have close friends of the opposite sex will encounter this problem! There is a saying that there is no pure friendship between men and women! I couldn't believe it. Now I believe it.

Maybe I really can't handle the relationship between men and women! Otherwise, how could my friend relationship be so complicated? Why would you treat the person you really like in your heart as Lanyan or "best friend" or "brother and sister"? Why do you let those pure and iron friends like me? In fact, I began to be afraid. I was afraid that the friendship I had finally established would be contaminated with half a silk of impurities, even if it was true love. Because friends at any moment, will not abandon you, and the other, the answer is unknown, only friends can give me a sense of security!

So how about you? Have you ever encountered such a problem? Like your close friends, or be loved by your friends? How do you deal with these complex relationships? Is it brave to say it, or love in my heart, or watching him or her make friends with men and women, and crying alone.

In life, there are always those difficult things. If you blindly follow your heart, you may hurt others. Those who like their heterosexual friends! Have you ever thought that your confession would embarrass him? Is it a refusal or a grudging acceptance? If you refuse, can you still be a friend naturally? If we reluctantly accept it, can we make each other happy? If you are lucky and he loves you, will you be happy to the end? How small is such a chance? How necessary is it to change from a friend to a lover. Why not just be a friend all the time and bury this love in your heart? Maybe one day it will sublimate, or one day it will be corroded. Fortunately, that person is still around you. It is really good to be a friend and accept his kindness.

Someone gave an example. If your interest is a, you must choose B, C or D when looking for a job. When your interest is polished by boring work and unchanging programs, you will forget its charm. Love is the same. If you love a, then you must choose B who likes you to communicate, so a can always live in your heart. Selfish? Is it unfair to B? No, it may be a real harmony instead. Of course, B must not be your friend, because it's too painful and painful to associate with friends.

I have missed two things. One is to confess to Xiao Ben. If I didn't like him willfully, he would still be my good brother. Even if we are not in a city or a university, our hearts are still very close, and I am still the one who knows him best; Not in exchange for four years of no contact, slowly forgotten, gradually become a stranger. I don't think I will take the initiative to contact him, let alone see him. It's better to miss him when we meet. Let's live in each other's memories at the age of 17. This is our most perfect ending. Another thing I did wrong was to accept the confession of the madman. The madman liked me from freshman to senior, and he always liked me. But what can I do? I can only pretend to be stupid. When I still have a little stupid in my heart, how can I accept the likes of others? When the madman finally couldn't stand my wooden character confessing to me, I politely refused; When the madman kept me for a year, there was still no one around me. The madman continued to tell me that he liked me, and I refused again. But he told me that there would be a third or a fourth time for such a thing. What else could I say? I can only accept it. Then our ending is doomed to be very sad. Finally, the madman can no longer bear my meanness, and then we can't even be friends. I hate small stupid is not the rejection of rejection, I hate the madman's persistent closeness, I hate myself, cowardly myself!

So, let's be friends! Still single! What is left to guard except your own heart?

We are good friends. We must only be good friends

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