Stone fan and friendship

In the evening, the setting sun pulled the shadow in the yard very long, adding a bit of silence.

Chen Ming and I finished our homework and started playing in the yard and cheap dance shoes .

After playing for a while, I said to Chen Ming, "yes, Chen Ming, I have something I want to show you." With that, I ran into the room, took out a stone fan and handed it to Chen Ming. Chen Ming took the stone fan and held it for a while to look close, for a while to look far, for a while to look at the front and for a while to look at the back. He exclaimed, "this stone fan is really small and exquisite. There are clear fan folds on it!" I added: "I carved the fan pleats with a knife bit by bit. You see, they have cut my hands." Chen Ming said, "Lin Yu, your stone fan and tap shoes  is so well made. Can you lend it to me for a while?" "Yes, but don't break it."

Chen Ming carefully holds the stone fan and walks slowly to the door. A dog crouched at the door, staring at Chen Ming, "Woo - woo." Chen Ming was frightened by the sudden cry and the stone fan fell to the ground.

I ran to the stone fan as if I were flying, and quickly picked it up, but it was already ugly. A wave of anger rushed to my heart. I clenched my fist and hit Chen Ming with all my strength. Chen Ming stood where he was, waved his hand repeatedly, and said, "yes... Yes... Sorry... I... i... I didn't mean to." I ignored Chen Ming, but I still took back my shelf, turned around and ran back to the house, slammed the door, and shouted, "Chen Ming, I want to break up with you!" Even if the thundering thunder sounded at his feet and  cheap tap shoes , Chen Ming would not be more frightened than this sentence. He immediately ran over and knocked on my door to ask for my forgiveness. But I never forgive him. Chen Ming was frustrated. He left with a heavy body and a sad face.

After dinner, I sat in my room, looking at the ugly stone fans, and wanted to carve another one. However, it is too difficult to carve a stone fan. It is even more difficult to carve an irregular stone into a fan, not to mention to carve clear fan folds on the fan; Moreover, if you are not careful, you will cut your hands. It's all Chen Ming's fault. They told him not to break the stone fan, but he still broke it. It's disgusting. Forget it. There are so many stone fans on the street. Just buy one.

At night, Chen Ming locks himself in his room and lies down at his desk crying bitterly. His parents didn't understand what had happened. They knocked on Chen Ming's door again and again and asked him what was wrong, but Chen Ming didn't respond at all, which made them more worried.

No wonder Chen Ming is so sad. It dates back to four years ago.

Four years ago, Chen Ming was only a first grade pupil. When I entered this class, all the other students were from the city. Only Chen Ming was from the countryside and lived in poverty. His clothes and trousers were patched and the color was dim. The shoes were rags; Because his family could not afford a schoolbag, his mother gave him a big clean cloth and asked him to wrap the schoolbag with cloth every day. Seeing that he was poor, the students rejected him, disliked him, and bullied him from time to time. Only I am willing to make friends with Chen Ming, which makes Chen Ming very moved. As long as someone bullies Chen Ming, I will stop them or tell the teacher. If Chen Ming has any difficulties, I will try to help him solve them; If I have any difficulties, Chen Ming will try to help him solve them. They often discuss some problems together. Chen Ming and I became good friends and dance shoes .

"Woo - Woo - woo"

"Son, stop crying and tell mom what happened."

"Woo - Woo - woo"

"Well, what should I do?"

The next day, as soon as Chen Ming entered the classroom  and cheap tap dance shoes , he saw that his eyes were red and swollen, like a pair of roasted lobsters. His eyelids were listlessly supporting him. There were obvious tears on his face. It was obvious that he had been crying all night. Gaozhe, the monitor, was puzzled when he saw that I didn't even say a word of sympathy to Chen Ming. He asked me, "Lin Yu, why don't you ask Chen Ming what's wrong? He's your good friend." I stood aside without a sound. Chen Ming's face was lost, his nose and wings were lifted, and his eyes were full of tears. He twitched his lips and made a low voice: "Lin Yu, I'm sorry, I..." I won't accept your apology. " "Lin Yu, we......" I was so angry that I didn't want to pay any attention to Chen Ming, so I walked out of the classroom without looking back.

In the following month, Chen Ming behaved strangely. Every day, he was late and didn't write his homework. He was sleepy in class. It had never happened before.

One day after school, I packed my schoolbag and walked home.

On the way, I thought there was someone behind me. I looked back at Chen Ming. I knew that Chen Ming would definitely say an apology and other words that could save their friendship, so I covered my ears and didn't listen to him.

Chen Ming approached me without saying anything. He just fumbled in his schoolbag, took out something and handed it to me -- a stone fan, a stone fan with slightly rough workmanship.

"Sorry, I broke your stone fan last time. This is for you. Please take it." Hum, I must have bought it on the street. But when the scars on Chen Ming's hands slipped into my sight, I was stunned. It turned out that this month, Chen Ming went to carve a stone fan every day as soon as he came home. He didn't write his homework and tap dance shoes and didn't sleep well. He is not afraid of being severely punished by the teacher, just to save the friendship between him and me. I looked at Chen Ming's emaciated face. Tears seemed to break the line like pearls and crossed my cheek drop by drop. I thought: forgive Chen Ming and let the friendship last forever.

"Chen Ming, I forgive you. Thank you for doing so much for me. I will take good care of this stone fan" "let's go home together." I nodded, holding hands with Chen Ming, and walked toward the end of the sun, farther and farther away.

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