Suddenly I want to write something

Suddenly I want to write something

This kind of mood is a little extravagant in the days of following the rules. As a result, all the true thoughts in my heart have been dispersed with the wind.

ha-ha. Only now do I realize that people need to be so hypocritical to live.

Once thought that the real hug can resist loneliness. I used to think that if you try hard to love, there will always be people who try harder to love themselves. However, youth has gone through ups and downs. Those silhouetted faces always reappear years later. Then they exchanged greetings and talked about the past and the present with a weak smile. Then he turned and wept.

Now think about how you can't say that you are weak, because time is too strong.

The people who wanted to keep those years, the love of seeking life and death, finally broke up without a moment of struggle. If at that time young do not understand love. Now? We are used to seeing each other and talking about the reality of who still talks about love.

I have always believed that love is a superstition of right time and right place. It takes a very deep fate to meet at the right time.

Love seems to come naturally.

Some people are not optimistic but together, some people are blessed but go their separate ways.

On the road of life, we often meet so many people. Who can accompany us to the end? Maybe it's not the one you love deeply, or the one you love most, maybe

How strong is loneliness. The forced self has to find someone to accompany him, even if he is not the one you love deeply, he is not the one who loves you deeply.

So love has no meaning that must exist.

So some things are beautiful because they don't exist.

Remember? I watched the new Titanic at the cinema late that winter. Are those lovers who stayed up all night and those tears that were filled with sorrow moved by love?

Loneliness is the tail of time. In the endless years of life, only loneliness is accompanied by shadows.

Love is the brilliant fireworks in the night sky, and loneliness is the endless darkness after annihilation.

I am the shadow walking alone in the dark, just waiting for the dawn of love.

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