Suddenly looking back, I was in Qiao's place

The ten day social practice of going to the countryside for three times has ended. Although the time is not short or long, now in retrospect, I am reluctant to part with this memory. This period of memory has many complex emotions and feelings, bitter, sweaty, tired and fruitful. I sincerely feel that this trip is not in vain. This journey has taught me a lot of truth.

On the first day of departure, I came to Shiqiao primary school with expectation. Although it rained cats and dogs after reaching the destination, it still didn't extinguish our enthusiasm. But after seeing the dormitory environment, I was a little disappointed. There was no hot water, sleeping on the floor and many mosquitoes. Because the dormitory building was dusty for a long time and had to be cleaned up. After cleaning up in the afternoon, I was exhausted. Although I was lying on the hard concrete floor, I fell asleep early.

From the next day, the formal teaching began. At the beginning, it was the freshman meeting. This was the first time I stood on the podium as a teacher. At first, I seemed a little nervous. Standing on the podium, I carefully wrote my name on the blackboard, and the students also carefully remembered my name. Looking at their innocent eyes, I relaxed my state of mind. The students are also very proactive and can't wait to ask the teacher's phone number. This is a good start, which makes me full of confidence in the next nine days. But in what happened later, I realized that not everything was going well. As a head teacher, it is necessary to manage the students in the whole class. For me, who is inexperienced, I feel a little overwhelmed and flustered in the face of emergencies. In one class, several girls in the whole class cried. The order of the class could not be maintained, and the progress of teaching was delayed. The scene was once chaotic. Under the emotional comfort and after understanding the situation, the problem was solved. Because the teaching is to prepare for the last day of the literary and artistic performance, and my class music class is taught by me. I know that my class has been delayed, so I am particularly nervous, afraid that the time is not enough to complete the teaching, and the song cannot be performed perfectly. The next day I felt gratified that the students cooperated with my teaching in the next course, and everything went well, which made me feel overjoyed. With the accumulated experience of these ten days, I constantly reflect on myself, find out and solve problems, and believe that I can do better in the next work.

The love between teachers and students is also my most unforgettable. Students like to chat and play with teachers after class. Some of them are left behind children. Their parents are not by their side, and they need people's company more. Every child has different personalities, but they all have one same characteristic: they like company. Every child is an angel. Their clear eyes and knowledge-seeking eyes are deeply imprinted in my mind.

Going to the countryside for three times is a busy and fulfilling social practice, from which we can not only exercise ourselves, but also increase the cohesion of the class. In this three trips to the countryside, I have more opportunities to get along with the students in the class, and I know everyone from all aspects. Every class and logistics cooperation will increase emotionally. In all aspects of work, there will be a "dark horse" emerging to show their real ability and let everyone know themselves.

Three trips to the countryside is a small movie episode on the road of life. We are still moving forward and continue to explore the unknown future!

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