Talk about dance

Talk about dance

What is dance? Dance is a kind of performing art, using the body to complete a variety of elegant or difficult movements, generally accompanied by music, with rhythmic movements as the main means of expression of the art form. It is generally with the help of music, but also with the help of other props. Dance itself has multiple social meanings and functions, including sports, social intercourse, courtship, sacrifice, etiquette and so on. Before the origin of human civilization, dance was very important in ceremony, etiquette, celebration and entertainment. Yes, dance is a building, but in today's rapidly changing world, dance is changing and moving forward at a speed that makes people unable to stop. Naturally, its meaning is also rich and colorful.

In ancient times, dance has always been a symbol of sports, social intercourse, courtship, sacrifice and etiquette.

With the development of history and the rapid development of dance industry, many scholars regard the reproduction of the next generation as a very important thing for the survival of primitive people, and dance is the main way and means of mate selection, marriage proposal and love training. Therefore, they believe that dance originated from sexual love activities. With the spread of culture, it is believed that dance not only expresses people's love, people's various exciting emotions, but also significant emotions and activities in people's life.

In the new 21st century, the era of knowledge explosion, a more magical dance occupies the peak of the development wave. If the dance mentioned above is visible dance, then this kind of dance is invisible dance.

Dance plays a very important role in people's life, both spiritually and materially. Dance is developing so fast, and the world is developing so fast. As a new generation of teenagers, let's use our diligence and wisdom to jointly build the dance of human civilization.

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