Tap Dance Shoemaker

Tap dance shoemaker, what an ordinary profession. The author tells the story of an old man, which reflects his persistence for more than ten years. What he sticks to is not only a profession, but also his heart. Now let's take a look at this tap dance shoemaker.
tap dance shoemaker
Tap dance shoemaker

When I was a child, my grandfather often danced tap dancing. Tap dancing was always bad and thrifty, so he took me to the street to make up for it from time to time.

There was a place in the street that seemed to be reserved for the tap dance shoemaker. Seven or eight people sat in a row, all red faced, and extended their hands to greet them. And my grandfather went to one of them alone. I heard from my grandfather that his surname was Li. Let's call him grandfather Li.

My grandfather's business is the best among several people, so my grandfather and I always have to wait by. At that time, grandfather Li was more than 50 years old, and he was still very strong. His hair was as black as ink. He sat there with his waist straight. His father has a pair of tap shoes

Go to the front, find out the flaws, and then find out the corresponding materials from the cabinet next to you. Put the tap shoes on the machine next to you. As soon as you open and close them, a pair of tap shoes will be mended. He picked up the shoe polish again and wiped the tap dance shoes. His hands are very strong

Rough, with deep and shallow impression, which is covered with a layer of light black, is the mark of shoe polish. The mended tap dance shoes are as bright as new, which is no different from the original ones.

My grandfather was old and didn't like to go to the street. His tap dancing shoes were broken and he couldn't bear to lose them, so he sent me to the street.

When I got to the place, there were only two shoemakers. I found him easily. He had a lot of silver on his head, not as black as he used to be. After years of wind and rain, his skin became darker, and there were many wrinkles on his face, such as vertical and horizontal gullies, but his back was still straight.

I handed the shoes to him. He looked at me and reached for them. The cracks on his hands are more obvious, one by one, just like the black oil embedded in the engraved cracks. After years of accumulation, they can no longer fade.

As before, he found out the damage, and then took out the corresponding materials from the cabinet beside him. But after a long time, the luster of the material was a little dim. He looked at the dim material and hesitated. I said, "it's not off

It's tied up. Just take the one with bad holes. " He gave me a look and said nothing. Turn around and go to another shoemaker. When I came back, I had a new piece of material in my hand. I still put my shoes on the machine by my hand, although it's old

I'm sorry, but I'm still skillful. Between opening and closing, a pair of tap shoes will be mended. He handed me the tap shoes and said with an apology, "I'm sorry, I'm old, I'm slow, I've been a little long." One of my newspaper laughs: "how can it be,

It won't be long He said goodbye and left.

Tap dance shoemaker, what an ordinary career, grandfather Li, what an ordinary person, but his decades of persistence, adhere to not only a career, but also his heart.

Such him, extraordinary. I'm the same. I've been dancing tap dance with my grandfather for decades. My hobby of tap dance has gone deep into my heart!

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