Tap dance shoes clamp section assembly line

Tap dance shoes clamp section assembly line

(1) Material collector: collect shoe bag, last, middle sole, bag head, main root, yellow glue, tiannashui, Yuan nail, white latex, sole, resin glue, packaging materials, etc.

(2) Tap dance shoe last: divide the last into plastic baskets according to product number and size

(3) The middle sole of tap dance shoe nail: the middle sole is nailed on the last with 416 Industrial nail.

(4) Ingredients of tap dance shoes: the product number of the upper of tap dance shoes is consistent with the last number and Chi Ma used.

(5) Paste mud on tap dance shoes: after soaking Baotou and taproot (chemical film) in Tianna water and softening, paste Baotou and taproot on the front and heel of the shoe bag (between lining and fabric) with yellow glue.

(6) Job No——

(7) Front upper of tap dance shoes (face position of tap dance shoes) shaping——

(8) Launch products (shoes, bags, shoes)——

(9) Chebaotou line——

(10) Tap dance shoes——

(11) Heel surface shaping of tap dance shoes——

(12) Tap dance shoes include white latex sole and middle sole——

(13) - press and last——

(14) Upper clamping machine (tap dance shoes are wrapped on the last and clamped with upper clamping machine to complete the basic head shape)——

(15) Headband test——

(16) Clamp the middle part of the shoe (by hand, pull down the middle part of the shoe and fix it with nails at the foot part to make the shoe flat on the last)——

(17) Back pack (_ Hou4 Bao1) nipping (machine, covering the heel part of the sole of the foot flat on the middle sole)——

(18) Tap dance shoes hammer shoes (equivalent to inspection, the heel height of the same pair, the face length of the front part, the Chi Ma, the dermatoglyph, the thickness, etc. are the same, and the pimeizi has skin scars, old lines, disability, loose face, needle and thread falling off, needle and car not sewing, etc. (19) hot air wrinkle removal

(20) Wash tap shoes——

(21) tap dance shoes into the oven (after entering the oven, set them at about 100-150)——

(22) tap dance——

(23) tap dance shoes——

(24) tap dance shoes——

(25) smooth the upper and foot after tap dancing shoes——

(26) overall inspection of clamp section B. post processing line

(27) wash tap dance shoes twice——

(28) cleaning——

(29) head washing water——

(30) paperboard plugging and dispensing——

(31) dust throwing——

(32) one time burnishing (the leather shoes are evenly sprayed on the surface of the leather shoes by gas and spray gun, and then dried in the assembly line oven. One time burnishing is also called priming)——

(33) head and tail spraying (the head and tail parts of leather shoes should be enhanced to make them brighter)——

(34) spray on the whole body (also known as enhancing brightness, spray on the place where the front two packages are not sprayed to the box or spray again)——

(35) shoe polish——

(36) wipe the decorative buttons and remove the cardboard (contrary to the order of the 30th package)——

(37) throwing and filling (because the leather shoes were dark after polishing and shoe polish, the leather shoes became more and more bright after this process)——

(38) gannao (also known as enhanced brightness)——

(39) remove wax and pick up shoes (in throwing, filling and drying, a kind of material called wax will be used, which may remain on the vamp, so this process is to remove wax marks)

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