Tap Dance Shoes Design 2021

Tap Dance Shoes Design



Apparel designer directly designs the products of tap shoes, and indirectly designs the character and society. With the progress of science and civilization, the means of human art design are also developing. In the information age, the way of human cultural communication has changed a lot compared with before, and the strict boundaries between industries are weakening. The imagination of the tap shoe designer quickly broke through the shackles of ideology and released in various forms. Novel, treacherous, abstract visual image, extreme colors appear in the surprising contrast, so we have to start to adjust our eyes to adapt to the new landscape. Tap dance shows more and more forms, sometimes more mysterious. How to treat the art of tap dance, appreciate and feel the language of tap dance itself, has become the "eye battle" in the "attention" economy in today's network era. The design of tap shoes should have a strong aesthetic and values. Since the designed tap shoes are to be worn on the tap stage, they should be beautiful and fashionable, but also low-key and elegant, so that the clothing and tap shoes will not lag behind. Therefore, in the process of designing tap shoes, a designer of tap shoes should forget that he is himself, but design the ideas you want to express.

Tap shoes belong to the category of Arts and crafts, which is an art form combining practicality and artistry. Design of tap shoes means planning, conceiving and setting up a scheme, and it also contains the meaning of image, drawing and modeling. The definition of tap shoes is creative planning and creative behavior to solve the problems of people in tap dance and creative department. It is an interdisciplinary subject involving a wide range of fields, closely related to literature, art, history, philosophy, religion, aesthetics, psychology, physiology, ergonomics and other social and natural sciences. As a kind of small door art, the design of tap shoes has the common characteristics of general practical art, but it also has its own characteristics in content, form and means of expression

The principle of unity

Unity, also known as "unity", is similar to harmony in meaning. When designing kicking shoes, it is often by means of harmony to achieve the goal of unity. In a good design, there should be consistency in the arrangement of materials, colors, lines, etc. between parts and between parts and the whole. If these elements change too much, it will destroy the consistent effect. The most common way to form unity is to repeat, such as repeating the same colors and lines, which can create a unified feature.

Aggravating principle

Emphasis is also called "emphasis" or "key design". Although we pay attention to the principle of unity in the design of tap shoes, the result of excessive unity often makes the design tend to be flat, and it is better to make a part particularly eye-catching, so as to create the interest center in the design of tap shoes. This kind of key design of tap shoes can be achieved by using the contrast of colors, the collocation of materials, the arrangement of lines and the characteristics of tailoring. However, the above stressed methods should not be used at the same time, and the stressed parts should not be too many, and the beautiful part of the wearer's body should be chosen as the center of emphasis.

Proportion refers to the size distribution among the parts of a tap shoe, which seems appropriate. Golden section ratio, more suitable for the design of tap shoes

Prosodic principle

Rhythms refer to the repetition of rules, resulting in soft motion. Such as color from deep to shallow, shape from large to small gradually rhythm, lines, colors and other regular repetition of the rhythm.

Tap dance designers should also consider the typhoon of tap dancers and the matching of their clothes. A good tap dance shoes should be well matched with the dance costumes of tap dance performers, which can not only reflect the elegance of tap dance dancers, but also support the gorgeous of tap dance.

In the process of stage performance of tap dance, tap dance shoes are the key point in addition to dancers. A fashionable and elegant tap dance shoes can bring pleasant beauty to tap dance!

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