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Many people have various confusions when they first learn tap dancing. For example, do you need to wear special dance shoes for tap dancing? Need to wear special dance clothes Serve? How long does it take to practice to get started? How to practice? What kind of dance coach are you looking for? Will I get started quickly when I practice by myself? that Is there a professional dance team? How long is the history of tap dancing? Will it be popular in the future? Wait for a lot of questions, then let's solve them one by one answer:


Special dancing shoes are required for tap dancing. Tap dancing is mainly wearing special dance shoes with iron palms, using flexible dance steps to strike on the wooden floor.With a variety of rhythms, ordinary shoes cannot achieve the effect of dance, so if you want to dance tap dance, you must first buy professional dance shoe.

The earliest dance shoes were a whole wooden sole and heel, which were later divided into two parts, the front and the back, and then iron soles appeared.Some people also deliberately loosen the screw of the iron palm to make more noise.

Professional Irish tap dancing shoes, the "iron sheet" at the bottom is made of fiberglass. Viewed from the cross section, the fiberglass part is U-shaped and about 3-4 cm, very different from ordinary tap dancing shoes. Because the side of the shoe has glass fiber reinforced plastic, the foot can be hit at various angles when the body dances.

Hit the ground, making a pleasant sound.

There will be an "empty" in the middle of the U-shaped fiberglass heel. Professional actors will put microphones in the U-shaped space so that the audience can hear more clearly The rhythm that changes to different footsteps is as if the heel is tapping in your ear.

Beginners can choose this ordinary patent leather tap dance shoes, the styles have loops, laces, patent leather noodles and pigskin noodles.

When choosing dancing shoes, everyone should pay attention to the material of the shoes. The cowhide shoes made by a special process are the best. They are moderately soft and hard.

Luster and good elasticity, toughness, various indicators prove that this material is very suitable for tap dance purposes, and the degree of fatigue resistance is far superior

In artificial leather, it is more comfortable to wear.

Women also have professional women’s princess tap dance shoes. For women, these shoes can reflect the beauty and characteristics of women.Can support the femininity.

Do you need professional dance clothes?
Professional dance clothes can support the dancer’s temperament, better reflect the spiritual outlook of a dancer during the performance, and The dancer's dance philosophy is passed on to the audience under the stage!
Women's dance clothes are gorgeous and pleasing to the eye. On the stage, women's dance clothes can be loved by those who appreciate dance!

How long does it take to practice to get started?
This varies from person to person, some people start quickly, some people start slowly
How to practice?
Practice repeatedly every day, strengthen the movements that you don't understand, and keep them in place.
What kind of dance coach are you looking for?
Suitable for your own dance coach, or even an online video!
Will I get started quickly when I practice by myself?
It's simple and easy to get started. You can basically do the exercises for half a month. The rest is to spend time and practice repeatedly
Where is a professional dance team?
Most people do not need a professional dance team. If you need professional training, you can find some artistic dance team!

How long is the history of tap dancing?
It has been a long time since it was formed in North America in the 1820s.
Will it be popular in the future?
After such a long history, it is still popular, and it will still be loved by many people in the future! History has not overwhelmed it, indicating it

It is art that will make people fall in love with one another!


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