Teacher, let me teach you

Since I have no formal courses to attend today, I choose to be a teaching assistant in the third grade.

In the handicraft class, the bishop teacher took out several samples of handmade paper and let the students choose by themselves. Finally, the students chose to let the teacher teach them how to make paper bows. Since I didn't prepare for the craft class, I had to learn and teach at the same time. In this way, as a teaching assistant, I changed and became a student. Fortunately, my learning ability is strong, I can basically follow the teaching steps of the bishop teacher, and sometimes I can guide the students. The students surrounded two places, one centered on the bishop and the teacher, and the other centered on me. Five or six children gathered around my ears, kept raising origami among the masters and shouting whether the teacher was like this and what the teacher should do next. In fact, the students are very good. They can learn a step after a little guidance. Sometimes the students can't wait to pull my hand and ask me how to break the next step, because I don't know what to do next. I have to wait for the Bishop's teacher to teach, so I can only answer: "it's not good to wait for others to learn well, because some students learn slowly." Sometimes I can't keep up with the Bishop's teacher's teaching steps, so I will consult the Bishop's teacher, or ask those students around the Bishop's teacher. Every time those students who learned first raised their hands and said excitedly, "teacher, I will..." then immediately turned into a little teacher, took the origami in my hand and taught me, folding and saying, "teacher, it's so folded, you see..." sometimes I pretended not to be able to learn it clearly, and then asked the students for advice, and the students still taught me very seriously and carefully. After the student taught me, I would praise her for being great and say thank you to her. After hearing my praise and thanks, she would smile shyly. I think the students' serious appearance is really moving. They study hard and teach me origami seriously. Every place is touching and every move reflects full enthusiasm.

In my opinion, a teacher is not only a guide on the way of students' learning, but also a companion, accompanying students' learning, and learning from each other with students, so that the relationship between teachers and students can be maintained more harmonious and warm.

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