That precious friendship

After graduating for so many years, I still like to visit the University, just to observe the changes of characters and years, reproduce yesterday's events, and make an appointment with those long lost old friends and classmates in the depths of years.

Some of the roommates in the university came from Nujiang, some from Honghe, and some from Lijiang, Qujing and Zhaotong. They gathered in Kunming, Yunnan Province, Kunming University and dormitory 618. They all sympathized with each other and regretted each other when raising a toast.

After class, we either play computer games in our bedroom or go out to find a part-time job. Although I was tired for a day, I earned a little money through my hard work. My roommates kept talking and laughing, talked about the topic of love between children and girls, and identified each other's favorite girls... It goes without saying that it has become an open secret in the class. At that time, there was a girl in my class who I had admired for a long time. She was dignified, gentle, elegant, full of poetry and book, with a face like autumn moon and spring flowers, her eyebrows and eyes like Dai Yu's sorrow, weak and sleepy. This woman is very tall and cold. Coupled with my love and courage, I don't dare to chat up from a distance. Now, I only cherish that I was incomprehensible and ignorant of love. Turn around, is the end of the world.

On the weekend, when the sky is clear and the wind is pleasant, we will decide where to have a rest, take a bottle of wine, buy a bag of sunflower melon, come to the small hills in the suburbs with great interest, drink a mouthful of sweet wine, sing an old song, explore modern and contemporary literature and art easily and vividly, and praise the scenery and human feelings of our hometown.

After sunset, the sunset faded, and the humble room began a new round of activity. In addition to talking about the experience of the day, we also talked about the story of basketball, and aftertaste the vigorous flying figure on the court until late at night. Some words say:

Three years of Qingming, several spring and autumn, can't bear to look back when to stop. When I first came to Longquan Avenue, the dust was flying and noisy, and the air was decaying. Fortunately, the house is hidden in the peach garden, the trees are shady, and the sky is like water. It is the permanent residence of spring, flying flowers everywhere, in full bloom and in high spirits. Hate is that the school is boring, sleeps languidly in the morning, follows nature, and the years and months are like songs. Happily, I made friends with my classmates, chatted at night, and didn't sleep until dawn.

Brilliance is like water, the season is like a dream, the world is easy to grow old, and loneliness is like tobacco. In the early summer of the previous year, it moved to Yangpu, where it was widely known. Large-scale construction was carried out, mountains and rivers were broken, and the water was dried without rain for many years. Generous water and wood are ruthless and anxious. As a disease, they fall with the leaves.

Alas! Sigh! There is no Baqiao here. You may not be sent here. After 16 years of study, students say goodbye for a while, and there will be no end in the future. Wanderers love Jiangnan. (graduation speech was written in Kunming, Yunnan Province on April 23, 2012)

Years are like smoke and water is like years. A few years have passed again. Everyone is scattered in order to make a living. However, in today's flood of desire and utility, the pure friendship is practical and precious, and it is hard to erase in a lifetime.

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