That year, I walked through your city


That year, I lived on the bank of the Lijiang River, and the boat swayed in the middle of the river with blue waves like mirrors. Occasionally the splashing water moistened my face, so I looked up with joy to see the sunset slowly settling in the rolling mountains. The big banyan trees all over the mountains are covered with gold by the afterglow, and they radiate the beauty of life wantonly. As you said, the big banyan tree is tied with red silk, and the vows are swaying slightly with the wind. As you said, it takes a lot of imagination to appreciate the stone mountains on the Lijiang River.

How I wanted to tell you all this far away, but I was silent at the moment when the phone was dialed. I said I like the south, but unfortunately you chose to go north after all.


The spring of that year came late. You said that the ancient phoenix poetry is simple and quiet. I stepped into this tiny place crowded with talents. Walking through the courtyard of Chen Baozhen's family, I also stood for a long time in front of Mr. Shen Congwen's ancient house. The whole body is covered with the fragrance of books, but no one can comment and tell together. The stilted building near the Tuojiang River is very noisy. I want you to sit on it and sing wine and listen to the quiet flowing Tuojiang River. It is mysterious and ancient.

You said that the water in Tuojiang River was very clear, so I took a handful of it and dropped it on my lips; You said that the painters in the town were very strange, so I asked them to paint the white canvas shoes everywhere. They said they would draw a portrait of me. I smiled, but my face could not be as free and easy as the sun.

Take a deep breath, and finally send a piece of letterhead in a mailbox. I don't know when I will be able to go to that strange place, nor how you feel when you receive it. Everything goes with the wind.


The shells left by the sea still have a thin warmth, but you have left in a hurry. That year I stepped on the white sand beach and breathed the slightly fishy wind. Everything at the seaside is as you said, moist and refreshing. Let your feet write your feelings on the sand, and those words will be blown away by the waves in a moment.

The quarrel and cold war between you and me are meaningless because of the distance in space. Open your arms against the sea breeze. I've learned to look beyond it. You often mentioned Haizi's poems, but I laughed and didn't care. Later, his poems became clearer and clearer in my mind.

Facing the sea, you can see the spring flowers. However, between us, there is a sea sky boundary, which is more and more distinct.


That year, I finally came to Jiangnan in my dream. Step on the bluestone road and watch the raindrops on the eaves meet inadvertently. Relying on the wooden lattice window, I seem to see that your small steps are not far away. You said that it would be very pleasant to drink and sing when you want to live in seclusion in Jiangnan.

A thousand years of time has only condensed into a beautiful and touching story, and thousands of years of raindrops have met unexpectedly many times.

Light contact with you, light ask their good. Words that are difficult to speak are meaningless. You walk in the south of the Yangtze River. Occasionally, there is a wind that rings a string of wind bells. That deep and long rain lane, I follow your footsteps to see the traces of the passage of time in the white walls and green tiles. The rain is falling like a dream. I would rather immerse myself in the dream now than wake up. At this moment, I can't see your natural and lively temperament in the south of the Yangtze River. I only smell the lilacs full of branches, forming the same melancholy.


That year, I overheard your information about going south. In Huizhou, I live in hiding. Stepping into the ancient villages of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, all the earthly burdens are thrown at the end of the road. The setting sun of the lotus pond, the wild ducks playing happily, is silent. The high city walls cut the sky into small pieces. Touching that ancient stone is like hearing a sigh. The letter you sent is full of apologies, and I have long since stopped caring about the triviality and helplessness of life.

The narrow skylight is dim, and I look at it alone like a woman in ancient Huizhou, understanding the sad expectation contained in the lonely waiting. But I, facing the silent moon, think of meeting you again, just like the moon in the water. Teardrop letterhead, blossoming like a flower. Let nature take its course and no longer fight.

I thought I came to visit Huizhou, where you live. But when I left, I found that it had become a distant dream for me.


In that year, I finally went north. It was freezing in January. The first time we were so close, we just exchanged greetings. I want to see the red walls, green tiles, bronze doors, stone lions, and sit in the alley courtyard, lying on the rocking chair, listening to the songs full of Beijing flavor. I always remember you said that Beijing's autumn is the most beautiful. Maybe I came at a bad time and always missed it. I missed the capital city with beautiful leaves. I missed many things. In front of me, the silver wrapped Summer Palace is full of ancient charm. At this time, white snow covers the pavilions, glass and black tiles

Sitting in the bald courtyard of ancient trees, I carefully watched the sunny and cold days after the snow washing for the first time, and accepted the cold and cold winter in the north with an enjoyable attitude for the first time. For the first time, I really knew how to walk in a leisurely way. The echo of the chime came from the ancient palace, playing with the rosary you sent. Between thinking and not thinking, it was a moment when I began to think of something that had passed away safely. Time goes very slowly. I wonder from afar when the door under the red lantern will be opened by you.


That year, I settled in the capital of ancient Shu. Look at the sky and clouds in the fragrance of covered bowl tea, and see the free and comfortable sunshine covering everyone's face. Breathe from the warm air of western Sichuan, and let everything empty in the indifference. Accidentally received the message of your return, and you said that you would also stay here. I don't know what the future story will be. Just think of, return, the original everything around the circle, and finally return to the starting point.

It's said that every time we meet, we meet again after a long separation. It's said that if you can't forget, there will be an echo. I hope this time is true.

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