That year, they cooled my summer

I met him and her in the division of Arts and Science in senior two.

At that time, I moved heavy review materials and books into the new classroom early, sat in the seat I chose, and looked at familiar or unfamiliar faces. Suddenly, the noise in the classroom laughed a lot. Along with everyone's eyes, I saw him who followed behind the teacher and entered the teacher. Dressed in a white sweater, white jeans and cool shape, he attracted the eyes of most girls in the class, and a few boys glanced at him. He walked back slowly. When I bumped into his confused eyes searching for empty seats, he politely raised the corner of his mouth. My face turned red and I quickly lowered my head and began to turn books. Finally, he sat in the last row, behind me. After the teacher told us to preview the new class, we left the classroom. At this time, the classroom immediately restored its original appearance, and the students chatted with each other. I felt someone poke me in the back and turned around to find a tall beauty with long hair in the back seat. She greeted me warmly and introduced herself. Naturally, in the following days, we became friends who talked about everything.

When we are in the flower season, we like to occasionally commit flower mania and get together to talk about some small gossip. We girls usually list a roster of handsome guys (I think there will be a list of beautiful women among boys), and he is undoubtedly the first on the roster. He who is behind me often talks about him with me. Whenever she talks about him, she is always beaming. She often turns around and chats with him. At that time, they all like online songs, so they always sing together. Over time, I guessed that she might like him.

One day, she blushed and secretly told me that she wrote a love letter and put it in his book. I smiled and said to her you look good! On that afternoon, she received his reply. After reading the letter, she looked a little lonely because he replied that he didn't want to fall in love for the time being. Nevertheless, she still pays attention to him and likes to take me to the playground to watch him play basketball. Later, our class changed its position and he did it behind me. The math teacher asked us to discuss the problem in groups of four, so we became familiar, and his words were still very few.

One night during self-study class, he and his roommate were making trouble there. Suddenly, his roommate came and said a word to me, but he didn't hear me clearly at that time. The next morning, I found a pink envelope lying quietly on my desk. The recipient is a capital X and the signature is a capital Z. When I opened the envelope, a beautiful font fell into my eyes. After reading the letter, my face turned red. He said he liked my smile. I haven't had a good time all day. Turn around and talk to him. When I calmed down, I thought of her who liked him. So I wrote back to him. The reason for refusing was the same as what he had said to her, although it was a little sad.

Time walked slowly like this. I, he and she never mentioned the two letters again. One night, she sent me a QQ message and told me that she agreed to the pursuit of the sunshine boy in the next class. She was moved by his sincerity. Then she said, in fact, she had long found that he looked at me differently. I was surprised. I just wanted to explain to her. She sent a string of words again. She said, honey, I know your kindness to me. You've been avoiding his advances because of me. I have long regarded him as an ordinary friend, so don't go against your heart. Tears slowly slipped to my mouth, with a sweet taste. A week later, I received his text message. He said let's go to the amusement park. Remember your favorite Ferris wheel. I only replied with a big smile.

That summer, I met him and her, and had a pure first love and a beautiful friendship. That summer was the coolest.

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