That's what we can't go back to -- that time, that childhood.

That's what we can't go back to -- that time, that childhood.

The best time in life is childhood, the most beautiful time is youth. Although I walked in the most beautiful time of my life, I still miss that best time. That's what we can't go back to. What we can't go back is not only time, but also many, many

In that period of time, we spent a dream full of innocence and fantasy. Dreams always wake up and people always have to face reality.


Have you been your best friend for four or five years? Remember when we first met at your house. The first time we met, we played with each other cordially. It's the first time. In fact, we often met when we were young because we lived in the same building in the same community. But at that time, I hated you -- you followed me wherever I went. You watched me eat while I was eating lollipops, and your mouth was watering~

To be honest, the world is really wonderful. I used to hate you, but now we have always been best friends; Listen to my elders, I was chubby when I was a child, you were very thin when I was a child, but now you are chubby, but I am very thin. Ha, we can't guess what will happen in the future!

At that time, we all did our homework together, but when we were writing, we stopped writing, talked about those fun things with each other, and then picked up the pen to continue writing. We draw together, watch movies together and eat together. We have no unforgettable deeds, but we always have a light tacit understanding. And I like this feeling best.

I remember once on your birthday, I wrote you a letter. There is such a sentence in the letter. I still remember: you live on the third floor and I live on the fifth floor. The distance between the two floors is always separated by our friendship. That's it. You go up to my house on the second floor and I'll go down to your house on the second floor. No matter going upstairs or downstairs, we all lie down in front of the door and listen, hoping to hear the happy footsteps. Then we knock three times, and finally open the door with a slap. A smile immediately appears on our faces

We all like to be funny. We don't care about the image of a lady. As long as we can make each other happy, we all talk. Those humorous and interesting words bring a moment of smile to each other. In this way, although it is only four or five years, it has been a long time, as if you were my best friend since childhood.

Now, we have all passed our childhood and entered the adolescence of youth. Although you are one year older than me, you talk like I am a sister and you are a sister. Growth has made some changes to each other. You begin to have a strong vanity, often want to make yourself famous, like to let others call you a great hero and genius Although there are some funny factors, I really feel your change.

What about me? I feel that I just have some changes in adolescence. I don't feel anything. You must feel it, too? Nevertheless, we are still best friends.

That is, you have such a natural personality. There will always be many good friends. Is this your charm? Sometimes it does make me envy, but I know that in each other's hearts, we are the most important position. Even if you go out without holding hands, you will be your best friend.

Friendship among friends is called friendship This is a sentence I filled in many students' classmate records when I graduated from primary school. That's what we can't go back to. That childhood, that kind of innocence and beauty, that time of ourselves, that time of us, but our friendship has always been there.

That's what I'm going to say, you can understand. Continue to be the best friend, continue this friendship!


That's what we can't go back to. Although this is the topic, what I want to highlight is the latter sentence - friendship has always been in the palm of my hand If we can't go back, let's go back; Once can only be once, we still have tomorrow. We smiled, raised our heads, looked ahead and walked on well

Although, we have a time that we can't go back

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