The apricot blossom is in full bloom at last

The apricot blossom is in full bloom at last

I love apricot blossom, its refreshing fragrance and dusty temperament, just like an elegant fairy in dancing shoes, dancing gracefully in the wind.

As a child, grandma planted an apricot seedling in front of her house. She accompanied me to grow up, witnessed me grow up from an ignorant child into a young man, just like those cheap dance shoes, every size accompanied me to grow up; I grew up with her and saw her grow into a girl with a smile. It also accompanied me to grow up. From the first time I wore cheap dance shoes to dance, I had cheap tap dance shoes, cheap jazz dance shoes, cheap ballroom dance shoes. The whole shoe cabinet was filled with all kinds of dance shoes.

The road of his growth is not smooth. It seems that she was born weak and lazy. She ignored the care of me and grandma. It seems that I want to stay in the girl's dream world for a while, but I also have some bumps and bumps along the way.

Day after day, year after year, she did grow. But the petite body Ying Ying a grip, born vulnerable. Looking at her drooping head and bare, extremely ugly branches every year, I was a little anxious.

In March of this year, the residual snow in winter has long been eliminated by the warm sun in the sky, and the grass sneaks out of the soil and looks at the world quietly. The birds stood on the branches and sang. Everything is thriving and full of life. And she seems to be infected by this force, spit out the green buds, shyly in the green leaves. Is it going to bloom at last? I thought to myself that my dancing skills have gradually deepened. No matter whether I have dancing shoes or not, I can dance a good dance.

Sure enough, half a month later, when I came back to grandma's home and saw her again, I had changed my appearance. From afar, I can see the snow-white apricot flowers leaping on the branches, like an elegant white swan. With the wind blowing gently, white swans dance in the wind. Some of them fall from the trees and turn into beautiful butterflies, spinning and flying. The beautiful apricot tree brings me a beautiful dream, just as I put on my beautiful dance clothes and my favorite dance shoes and fly in the middle of the dream stage.

Close to her, all of a sudden, like a clear spring flowing through my heart, like a drizzle moistening my heart. A fresh aroma came to my face. His soft and holy petals, without any publicity, quietly picked up the light yellow stamens in the middle, like white clouds surrounding the sun. A flower into a piece, like a little angel down to earth. Apricot flower has its own pride. Even if it flies down the branches and falls into the soil, it can't let the dust stain her white petals.

Smell the fragrance of apricot flowers and watch them bloom. I can't help but think of Kou Zhun who said, "the grass is far away in an isolated village, and the apricot flowers are flying in the slanting sun."“ Bai Juyi, who scattered red mountain apricot hair and spread new green water and grass on the ground“ Listen to the spring rain all night in the small building and sell apricot flowers in the Ming Dynasty. They have made great achievements in politics, literature and military respectively, but they do not strive for fame and wealth, and always keep their pride. Just like apricot flowers, they don't compete with each other for favor, they just want to be themselves. Isn't that what we should learn?

I love apricot blossom, not only her refreshing fragrance and dusty temperament. What fascinates me even more is that she is not arrogant and impetuous, quietly blooming her best quality. I love dance, which makes me become refined. Every time I put on cheap dance shoes, although they are cheap, I can dance gracefully.

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