The beautiful friendship in the greeting card

In the bookcase, there are a stack of greeting cards kept in childhood. Every time you open them, you can taste those sincere and touching words that convey good friendship. It's like tasting cups of aged wine. In the long aftertaste, it's like going back to the green years when greeting cards were given to each other many years ago.

May this little card carry my most sincere wishes. May a beautiful day always be with you. Don't forget to take care of yourself. The handwriting on the card is clean and beautiful, showing the innocent and beautiful feelings of a teenager. I wrote this card to my best friend in middle school. At that time, I lived in school because I couldn't take care of myself. She always took care of me like a big sister. We forged a deep friendship. Later, after graduating from middle school, I entered the University. She went to the south to work. Although she was far away from home, she still contacted frequently. Every new year, the first thing I receive must be the greeting card she sent from the far south. In the card, in addition to sincere blessings, I always don't forget to add a warm instruction. Most of it is to take care of myself and remember to add clothes in cold weather. Every time I read it, I always feel a warm current surging in my heart.

My deskmate in senior three was the best Xueba in my class. He was a talented boy. He gave me a lot of selfless help in my study, especially in mathematics. I couldn't learn well and even gave up several times. It was his constant encouragement and guidance that slowly restored my confidence and successfully went to College. In the University, we also often write to each other, talking about study, ideals and the future, encouraging and blessing each other. One new year's day, he sent a greeting card with a beautiful landscape painting of the motherland on the front. On the back of the card, it said: the vast past of his life, the wind and rain of 20 youth, and when he looked back at the end of the year, he sent hospitality in thin words. The male bird is thousands of miles away. If he wants to, he can Pengyun. Don't say that this life is dark and there is light in his nature. I wish you a happy New Year's day and good physical and mental health. The vigorous and vigorous handwriting and the heroic poems have made my heart surge. I really feel that I should study hard and work hard from now on, so as to live up to this great time. Unfortunately, we gradually lost touch later, but I have kept that card until now. When I am depressed, I will always regain my confidence and move on.

Now it's near the end of the year. Every time I open my email, I will receive several e-greeting cards. I enjoy the romantic blessing words and beautiful background music on the greeting cards. When I'm moved, I always feel something is missing. I think in today's fast-paced era, compared with those simple greeting cards left in those green days, it is better for these beautifully made e-greeting cards to write down their sincere feelings and warm feelings in one stroke.

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