The beautiy of Window

The beautiy of Window

Different views can be seen outside different windows. In front of my window, I saw a warm picture, where people were dancing in cheap dancing shoes and some jogging.

The black curtain, quietly dropped, announced the coming of the night. A shining star, blinking in the night sky, is like a jewel dotted on the curtain, radiates the dazzling luster. When the moon broke out of the thick clouds, the light of all the stars faded. And the moon, it exudes the soft light of water, gently sprinkles on the earth, dispels the darkness.

I stood by the window and looked down the street. The tall building blocked the moonlight and cast a large shadow on the ground. There was no one over the street, only a few street lights, with a faint yellow light. A man, pushing the shelf car, walked slowly on the street. I squinted and looked at it, and the car was red apples, and with the vibration of the car, I jumped and fell like a beating flame. A cold wind blew, I can not help but tighten my neck, I can not help thinking: "such a cold day, how can't this old man not finish work ah." I couldn't help sighing. In the distance, someone was dancing on the corner in cheap tap shoes and performing behavioral art.

I don't know when, the moonlight from the sky to the dark streets, in the street showed a large amount of silver, like water. The bright moonlight will faint yellow light lining a little more air bright breath.

I lifted my hand and closed the window. Just as I was going to turn off the light, a dull noise came downstairs. I opened the window and looked down. The old man of the cart fell and the carriage fell by the side of the road. The apples in the car were scattered like red balls rolling on the ground. I quickly put on my clothes and prepared to help downstairs. At this time, I looked downstairs, and I couldn't help but stop. Only a few black figures ran out of the opposite building and came to the dim light. Those people seem to have been discussed for a long time, some bent down, picked up the apples; Some will be the shelf car to move up again; Some go and help the old man. The moonlight was sprinkled on those people from the air, and their back was silver. Looking at the silver figure, my heart gradually became very warm. Although I am in the cold wind, I don't feel cold at all. The warm scenery outside the window, deep in my heart, makes me feel a deep warmth, those who wear cheap tap dancing shoes are also more and more beautiful, how warm a scene.

In the late autumn night, this beautiful and warm scenery downstairs brought me a warm memory,and I also love the tap dance,Maybe one day I will join with them dance with the cheap tap dance shoes.

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