The beauty of dance

The beauty of dance

The beauty of dance, it is called an art, of course, there is artistic beauty. I believe that every dance has a sense of beauty in the combination of hands and eyes. Beauty can be divided into two parts: formal beauty and expressive beauty. The human body shows these two elements, which are also divided into external beauty and internal beauty. The external beauty is the beauty of dance's external posture and posture. The internal beauty can be reflected in people's inner perception and emotion of dance, giving emotion to dance, and carefully stroke every action. Every time on the dance stage, when you see the bright dancers on the dance stage, you can use every joint and muscle of their body to show the beautiful shape, posture, outline and lines, and show the inner beauty and beautiful emotion. Therefore, you don't need any props to show the beauty of dance.

Besides natural beauty, dance is more important than artistic beauty. It is the dew on the green lotus, the green vine on the cliff, the green leaves under the red flowers, the Oriole on the green willow, and a subtle attachment. It's just to reveal the existence of dancer's beauty, like a few white clouds to show the 'deep blue' of the sky; it's just to set off the image of dancer's beauty, like running water around the quiet mountain wind. On the dance stage, as the appearance of things, whether it is the innate human body, or later added clothing. The beauty of people's appearance and inner beauty, people are always thinking about the meaning of beauty, and the real beauty, it has no standard, just with a kind of longing and yearning for beauty.

In today's society, there are many beauties: for example, the beauty of nature in various forms; the beauty of geometric patterns in neat combination; the beauty of children's innocence; and these beauties are enjoyed by different people in different environments and conditions. Dance is a kind of art that is really shaped by life itself, so it is also the most spiritual. Every dancer is like a mirror, which can reflect everyone's shadow; the dancing posture is a gust of wind, which can stir everyone's feelings; the stage is a big radar, which can receive and reflect everyone's thoughts. When we sit down in the Grand Theater, the lights of the four kitchens gradually dim, the music light up, and the actors on the stage dance lightly, we suddenly get a kind of common beauty. At the moment when the music starts, everything stops. You can only hear the dancer's steps gradually vigorous, rapid, accelerated and slowed down. With the rhythm of the music, the dancers will feel confident that they are the most beautiful. This kind of confident beauty can also bring to every audience and make the audience revel in the beauty of the dance.

In fact, dance is because of people's inner feelings and can't help dancing. Nowadays, dancers draw the most beautiful and regular things from people's ordinary unconscious movements, decorate them with clothes and music, and make them smell of wine, which in turn shakes people's feelings. Therefore, the old dance, will be the fun of survival; young dance, will fall into a deep; people are not so much in the appreciation of dance, rather in the discovery and sublimation of their potential beauty consciousness, beauty literacy. Because, whether actors or viewers, they are the most inspired senior life. Although there are drama in the performing arts, it is mainly based on lines; there are drama, but it is mainly singing; there are movies and so on. Only dance, it gives the beauty, is really different.

The beauty of dance is various. With the change of different mood style, it creates different beauty. Dance is a language of human body expression. To make it beautiful, we must give more people's feelings. Love should be true and meaning deep. Only in this way can the value of dance be fully displayed. Therefore, as a dancer who has been in touch with dance for several years, we should dance with our heart, feel and listen to the beauty of dance with our heart, so as to show the beauty of artistic conception of dance from the bottom of our heart.

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