The blue sky outside the window

The blue sky outside the window

The haze of the sky conceals the original pure light blue of the sky. Several nameless birds roam in the gray ocean, like aimless fallen leaves, drifting alone in the dark night. I am not like these birds, pacing aimlessly, wandering in the street. Occasionally, I can see a few entertainers dancing and singing in cheap dance shoes, attracting people to stop.

The weather is disturbing, like a child's face, it changes as soon as it changes. It's just clear, and it's like a haze. The wind swayed the trees on both sides of the street, and the sound of "rustle" suggested the attack of the storm. In the past, there were only a few figures wandering in the busy and noisy streets. The wind and sand rolled up flooded the world, like the storm of dance, which made people suffocate and loved.

Originally, I was supposed to have a picnic with my family in the park. I managed everything and bought things myself. I even bought some cheap dancing shoes, such as cheap tap dancing shoes, cheap ballroom dance shoes and cheap jazz dancing shoes, for the sake of having a good activity for the picnic, in order to interact with my family during the picnic. Because of the damned weather, everything came to nothing, so my parents put everything away. In my heart, I don't want to listen to my parents' advice. I want to walk in the street on the eve of the storm. The wind is blowing at the moment, which makes me feel more bitter. A chill comes to my heart. A few scattered but huge raindrops hit my face, and the cold touch made me realize that if I didn't go home, would I really have to wind and rain in the street?

Procrastinating with a very reluctant pace, he went downstairs. Just as he was about to reach out and ring the doorbell, he drew back like an electric shock. In the heart is tangled in the end whether or not to "admit defeat" so easily? Thinking of that moment, the pouring rain poured down, can not feel the size of raindrops, only vaguely found that the back has been splashed with rain. A wind mixed with rain, completely involved me in the abyss, I had to admit bad luck, pressed the doorbell.

Back home, finishing, then back to the room. Draw the curtains, close the door, put yourself in the quilt, the world is deprived of glory, it is so bleak. The sound of rain outside the window was so annoying that I had to get out of bed. Go to the window, just want to close the window, but saw a gloomy gray, boundless, this gray but also with a little light blue, is so deep, elusive, blocked by the distant building, the continuation of this haze, Na a touch of light blue, like a dose of medicine, make my restless heart calm down. But I was still cruel, closed the window, closed the curtain again, the world was silent.

I don't know how long, the hourglass of time goes by endlessly. A sense of curiosity prompted me to go to the window, slowly open the curtain, push open the window. The dazzling light came into our eyes. Before the day after the rain, the light blue was interwoven with the deep blue, weaving this deep and moving blue sky. Someone was dancing in the distance, wearing cheap dance shoes and dancing unknown dances. In fact, the sky is so pure, moving and pleasant. In fact, worry is just like this. When you treat it with heart and wait patiently, worry will eventually become a gorgeous scenery in your life.

There is a blue sky outside the window, the birds roam freely, and their mood floats far away with the white clouds. Go to the door with an appointment and enjoy the beauty of the blue sky. Just like my favorite dance, there are storms and tranquility. You can wear cheap dance shoes or expensive dance shoes. It all depends on our own preferences.

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