The brilliance of sunshine after rain

For several days in a row, the intermittent summer rain kept falling, which made people really decadent. But this morning, when I got up, I lifted the curtain, but with a few drops of rain falling, the sun seemed quite happy, shyly broke through the clouds and fog, broke free from the shackles, and let the whole earth feel radiant. Finally, it cleared up after the rain.

Stepping on the wet ground and feeling the fresh air as usual, you seem to be endowed with divine power and have unlimited spiritual interest. At that moment, your heart is wide and your body is smooth, long and Yang Yang, and overflowing.

Looking at the sky, the light is a little dazzling, and the cloud's strange and changeable colors match with the flying of birds. The sun lazily shuttles out and hides in. The cloud is its nest. It shines and takes a rest. Anyway, it doesn't affect the noise and impetuousness of the day. It is good to whisper, chat and laugh privately, enjoy tea and snacks, and then happily open its eyes and laugh with all things on the earth to amuse its survival.

The earth is different. The streets and alleys are the guise of Qingyi. Some of them are light smoke. Pedestrians rush to their respective destinations like passers-by. Sweat is bound to come out, which is good for both people and themselves. Running is the patent of the exercise family, but it only appears occasionally. It's sweating, wheezing, yellowish complexion and almost no different complexion. Apply a different color for the early morning.

Trees, flowers, houses, buildings and everything on the earth seem to be like the beloved just after bathing. It is clean and overflowing with light as early as the rain. The building is smooth and straight, with sharp edges and corners and plump body. Compared with the ordinary day, it is no different, and it has a sense of hearing and seeing. Flowers and trees? They are the foil of the earth, and the garden like journey to the earth is in them. Look at it. When you look around, they are more different. There are indigo, indigo, and some water beads hanging on them. The lines are clear, the branches are dense, and the fluorescence flickers. They give themselves to the shadow pupil of summer. The clouds are the sky, the earth is common, and appreciation is casual. Except for the special and exclusive places that others spend money on and need to spend money, the public road transportation and tourist objects are often welcome as long as they are free.

Suddenly, there was a uproar. Two or three buses rushed down into the sky, as if there were an order to turn tourism into robbing people and whoring customers. No matter men, women and children, backpacks and umbrellas, they were bustling and rushed straight to the car, lest they could not catch up with the trip and fall into the earth. It was so clean that they mistakenly entered the tourism product rain in a trance.

But I didn't. I shuttled through it and turned into the moat along the street. The stones were solid, the water was turbulent, the waves rolled, and the flat bottom rose a lot, but the mud was muddy, the waves were invisible, the water splashed, rushed through the pass, and rushed to the place to go. It was hard to see the end at a glance.

There are many trees on the riverbank, the thick shadow blocks out the sun, and the pedestrians rush through the long day. The pedestrians rush over the embankment, throw their hands and carry their bags, and come in twos and threes with a happy face. They look at it casually and look at it with their eyes. They have a sense of pointing rivers and mountains and stirring up words. Fortunately, he said: "the trees are verdant, the branches and leaves are luxuriant, and the green leaves bathe in the sun; the water overflows the riverbank, which is quiet, elegant and masculine."

Walking, my eyes suddenly opened up and my mood suddenly rose. The golden wheat waves were like Chang'e running to the moon and Hula rushing into my eyes. The wind blew the wheat and surged up and piled up the Yellow waves. It was spectacular. The beautiful scenery began between heaven and earth, the sky was shining, the earth was yellow, the houses turned into field boats, and the farmers turned into rowers. But I turned into the crazy people I saw, the baptism of summer.

At this time, look up, see that it is normal every day, watch the sun shine, and the earth becomes a happy field. So he sat down and began to close his eyes and recuperate himself. He was thinking for thousands of miles without a thread. Yes, summer is really extraordinary. The continuous rain flow for several days continues to ravage and tap everyone's heart. Annoyance is necessary and joy is rare, but there are also "wandering alone in a long, long / lonely rain lane with an oil paper umbrella,

I hope to meet a girl who is as sad and resentful as cloves It's rare to feel like this, unless you are like me. The sky is rare and there is nothing in the world, but it's wonderful.

But the feeling of touch is normal and carefree. It is the eyes of blind people who navigate countless routes. People walk, walk and walk slowly.

But now I glance, hear and see everything in the morning, heaven, earth, people, things, thousands and thousands of things. Haven't I put aside the clouds and see the sea and sun, and the blue sky is a faint hope wing, building a spiritual lamp for us and colliding with the beauty of everything?

When I stopped, I suddenly looked back. My heart flower was unrestrained. Suddenly, I touched my heart and kowtowed and blurted out, ha ha, today's summer rain, summer, isn't it:

One by one, cool and clean, the brilliance of the sunny day after the rain is shining? For you, for me, for him, show a different beauty! Friends, are you? Can it be the same, I wait quietly!

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