The charm of dance

The charm of dance

My dream is to be a dancer, harvest flowers and applause with sweat, and realize the value of my life.

Since I was six years old, my mother enrolled me in Latin dance training classes. The graceful Rumba Dance, the lively Cha Cha dance, the strong bullfight dance, the funny cowboy dance and the exotic style of Samba dance all attract me deeply.

Of course, the art of Latin dance has to pay a lot to learn.

I have three Latin dance classes a Monday, three hours a class. One of the hours is used for physical training, and the board supports for two minutes. Don't fall down, or the time will be counted again. Don't underestimate these two minutes. It's enough to make you show your teeth and sweat. The next step is to jump up (jump up with all your strength, hold the floor with your hands after your feet fall to the ground, and keep your body in balance), and do 20 consecutive jumps. A total of five groups are made up of the plate support and 20 jumps. You must think: my God! This is the devil training! If I were you, I would cry. Yes, it's really devil training, but if you love dance, crying is actually the most common thing. How can you love dancing but refuse to pay, sweat or shed tears?

The next two hours will be the time for us to enjoy Latin.

If you are lazy and don't use your hands or feet hard, remember that Mr. Li's "devil stick" will be drawn on your leg mercilessly. At this time, it's a kind of hot pain, which is very painful. In the teacher's words: "only when you remember the pain, will you work hard and make standard and standard actions."

"Kung Fu is worthy of those who have a heart.". Through several years of persistent study, I have won many honors in some Latin dance competitions. In a competition, when I went to the podium with the first prize, I felt that all the efforts were worth it, not to mention how happy I was.

Although it's hard to learn Latin dance, it's just because of these years of persistence that I'm willing to bear hardships, have perseverance and gain self-confidence.

Later, I also learned tap dance, like the kind of tap dance shoes on the dance stage to make clear and rhythmic sound, ethereal and beautiful!

Therefore, if you want to learn an art well, you must make more efforts. Only with deep Kung Fu can an iron pestle be ground into a needle and gain more than others.

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