The day ended


I vaguely remember that it was a sunny day and cheap dance shoes.

At about seven o'clock in the morning, we are about to go to the examination room of the college entrance examination and cheap tap dance shoes . The candidates gather in twos and threes and say something like happy and sad. The fountain that the school would not open for a long time opened on the two days of the college entrance examination. The music fountain in the square rises and falls with Qu wanting's song of mine. At that moment, I really felt the stillness of time and ccheap tap shoes . The sun reflected the dreams of countless students through the fountain and floated up into the blue sky like bubbles until I couldn't see and disappeared in my vision. At that moment, the sun shone on my face. I closed my eyes and hummed a song. The time in my memory fainted like ink falling into the water and cheap ballroom dance shoes . It came like an overwhelming storm, reproducing and showing constantly, including the beauty of the first encounter. The singing stopped suddenly, the school bus came, and the minute hand of time turned quickly again. People hugged each other and wrote a period.

At the moment when the school bus drove out, I knew that this was the so-called separation. The school and heart were empty at once. Just like at the beginning, your decision made people ache. However, the time in the school is still so quiet, the sun is warm, the grass is drying, and the warm wind is blowing.

Goodbye to the end of the game and cheap dance shoes. The boy's shirt is floating on the court, and his happy smile is rippling on his face. Even if you are sweating, you are still charming.

The sun is still warm and the warm wind is still blowing. But at the beginning, we got on the train that didn't look back, took away the youth and my heart.

What time left behind is still rotating according to the original track, but I say goodbye to you as a teenager.

Youth, goodbye, youth and dance shoes.

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