The day of green vegetables and radishes is also very beautiful

Today is the second day of the three trips to the countryside. Although it is only two short days, it has experienced many unforgettable things.

Yesterday, we experienced a five minute inter provincial tour under the leadership of our teachers. With the active cooperation of the members of the logistics team and everyone, we made the first supper of "three trips to the countryside", which was simple and satisfying.

Today, we got up in the morning and went out to buy vegetables. We experienced the fun of bargaining with our uncles and aunts. Although we know nothing about the amount of food we should buy, the hospitable aunts and uncles asked us about the relevant problems and helped us solve the problem. After we returned home loaded, we got busy in the kitchen. We can see the busy figures of students in the kitchen. Some students are seriously cutting vegetables, some students are quick to stir fry meat with hot oil, some students are carefully planing white radish shreds, and some students are meticulously cleaning laver... We cooperate with each other and make jokes from time to time. We are happy.

In the afternoon, we held the opening ceremony and officially started our practical activities. We also saw our lovely students in the first and second grade of junior high school at the ceremony. Although they are shy, introverted and silent, we will actively communicate with them in the coming week and create a good time with them.

Our practical activities will officially begin from now on, and we will also follow the slogan of "passion lotus, youth and passion".

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