The end of love is a kind of love

Everyone loves in different ways and feels different happiness.

Love cannot be copied. For example, two flowers of the same family and same branch have different orientations, but they are both illuminated by the sun, and the happiness shown on their faces is the same. Therefore, don't use the love of others to compare who loves himself more and whether he loves himself enough.

Love should be a kind of love at the end.

This kind of love is like facing a piece of thin ice, you will worry that the faintest sunlight will penetrate it.

Because of love, you will understand all the pretending to be strong.

The love for the other side overflows from the bottom of my heart. Like a sense of beauty, we should look at each other's sensitivity with an appreciative attitude.

I can't bear to see each other crying alone, or to wipe my face with cold water at night. But he never gets angry with the other party because he can't give up. He doesn't even get angry because he doesn't give up. He just feels very sad.

For example, the falling of a fallen leaf is the track of its own life. Even if you know it, you will still be very distressed. You will be distressed if the sound of falling on the stone steps is loud enough to stir up a ripple in one's heart, so you can pick it up and put it in the nearest place to your heart.

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