The enthusiasm fades, and the heart still sticks to it

Dostoevsky said: everything new starts like this. At first, many people were enthusiastic, but soon they cooled down and stopped doing it, because he had understood that he could not do it without a lot of hard work, and only those who wanted to do it could endure the pain. This is the case. When we want to accomplish something, at first, we all do it with enthusiasm, and our hearts are full of expectation and enthusiasm. However, with the passage of time, slowly, his original enthusiasm has gradually faded, leaving only impatience and responsibility.

Although the enthusiasm has faded, there are still responsibilities and expectations that we wanted to make achievements at the beginning. Today is the third day that our dandelion social practice team of Party Construction of Lingnan Normal University School of law and politics went to the countryside. In retrospect, I wanted to join the publicity group of our team because I had some advantages in this aspect and wanted to contribute to the team.

Time is really a good tool to sharpen people's will.

Every day, when the research group can go out to investigate, feel the local customs, and get in touch with honest and enthusiastic villagers; When the support teaching group can give students a variety of lively and interesting courses, they can play and laugh with lively and lovely children; The task of our publicity group every day is to keep submitting contributions, and then submit contributions. It's really boring to be in contact with cold computers all the time! Although the task of the publicity group is the most boring in the team, it occupies the most important position in the whole team. We shoulder the internal and external publicity work of the team, and our publicity group is indispensable. The insipidity of work is not the reason for us to retreat. We should always stick to our jobs, do a good job in the publicity of the team, and win more honors for the team.

Life is like an ocean. Waves are only a flash in the pan, and there is only peace left. If we want to reach the other side of the ideal, we must adhere to it.

The enthusiasm fades, and the heart still sticks to it.

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