The ferry of love

When all the sails are gone. From afar, you can see the rising of the blue smoke, which is like choking your heart with tears. It is an inexhaustible sentimental wound with love in the remote period.

When the falling flowers drift away with the wind, I feel sad when I see the extension of words. Memories tear away the wreckage, and I hope I can fly one day after all the fireworks fall.

The darkness after the rain wash, the glittering and translucent drip with the halo of hope, swaying in a hurry to fall, split in an instant. It is the gloomy air filled with lonely thoughts without parochialism. Are you leaving? I shuddered and stretched out my hands, trying to pick up the brilliance of that moment. In the cold, there are only pieces of withering and sadness after being pulled away.

I hear; The long sigh shuttled in the air and hurried in the night.

I still remember what you said, and the eyes you left for me before the summit was destroyed. You gently stabbed me. How many times the soul haunts, how many times the sleep awakens. Your image is still hanging in two lines of residual tears. Perhaps I should understand that one person's cold has lost two people's warm. I should wake up.

It was windy and drizzly outside the window. It is the loneliness and dissociation of vicissitudes of life in the flying, and the disappointment and loss of air in the dripping. The rain falls on the dust, and they are making a mutual reflection. The water is not with the soil, and they are perfect in silence. In the encounter continues the cycle. Only you are no longer here.

In the emotional distress, I was once confused, and I also chose to escape under its bullying.

There is always a voice shouting in the void: I can't see! unseen! I don't want to hear it! Let your own dissociation fall in the ethereal space of suspension and emptiness, fall in the mundane and flashy world, and breathe and float in its narrow space. In the sinking, they annihilate and suffocate, and in the hallucination, they rise and perish.

I also tore up my soul and asked for help from the vast world, and they once took me far away. I also once sighed, tasting the heartrending pain in depression, intoxicated by sadness in subversion, and let myself fall asleep in infatuation.

In the country of love, I have never regretted, but the oath fell in the illusion of illusion, and I still have the loneliness of loss. But the truth is destroyed in the cruel reality of the cold war. I still have sad eyes.

But I am so sober!

Listen clearly to the voice from the other side. Flowers flow in the sky like clouds in the heart, and happiness is chasing deer in the space of emotional wilderness. The manor with small bridge and flowing water, hand in hand with eternal happiness. Yes, they have never been far away, but they are still reserved, waiting for my opening.

It was once said that the world of love was very big, and there was still emptiness in the happiness. The world of love is so small that every step on it becomes a ruin.

I wander in the ruins of love, even though it has cast the wilderness, but I still walk in vain, but one day I will stay! I will dock at the ferry of love. Waiting for her to appear, I smile and sail.

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