The flowers bloom and wither again

The flowers bloom and wither again.

The light wind dances in the fingers, and the powder petals float around between the hair.

The flowers bloom that year, and your bright eyes are not shining.

You lie still in bed, covered with snow colored silk and satin, and flowers are all around you. At that time, you were very peaceful and smiled at the corners of your mouth.

Outside the window, flowers are in full bloom and bloom silently relying on the mottled ancient wall.

When the flowers bloom, you have stepped on the bridge to heaven.

On the way, do you have or smell the fragrance of flowers for you. Light and quiet.

If I could walk in a flower, I would walk in it forever.


My dear grandpa,

Is it warm in heaven? Are angel wings really a symbol of happiness?

Now, are you happy?

Miss you, every moment,

Miss you every minute.

Think more, throw yourself into your arms and act coquettish with you.

Think more

Life is a cycle. We all grow on gears.

The flowers bloom and wither again.

Still remember:

That year, the flowers bloomed for half a season;

That year, don't forget the flowers

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