The fourth feeling of you and me

I always want to see you, and I am always willing to receive calls from you. I can tell my story freely with you, but I never want to connect my life with you. Worry about your sorrow, rejoice in your satisfaction, often go to bookstores for a book you want, worry about your sudden cold, but never consider letting yourself be involved in the turning point of your destiny.

We can't say we love each other, because we don't want to have each other. However, we are not ordinary friends, because our mutual attention has penetrated into the depths of our hearts. In the gap between love and liking, we are not embarrassed at all. It is not our desired choice to fall to either side. We have our own emotional world. No one is the protagonist of each other's love story, but what lovers and friends can't give us can be satisfied from each other. Perhaps because they are friends of the opposite sex, the differences in personality and psychology make the two sides learn from each other and inspire each other, so it is easy for them to be inspired and efficient. They also appreciate each other more because of this tacit understanding.

I don't think emotion is a chemical element. How can we tell whether it is hydrogen or oxygen? It is the water of hydrogen dioxone. You can't restore it. If you restore it, it won't be water. Some people say that this kind of feeling between men and women is the fourth kind of feeling besides family affection, friendship and love. It was the ice beside the fire. Either the ice melted into water to extinguish the fire, or the fire was too hot, which evaporated the ice and melted the water. So this kind of relationship is too difficult to maintain. But I don't think there is any fault in wanting to have a fourth feeling. Living in an open and rich society, facing all kinds of people, you will naturally feel very different. We are all independent and the society is very tolerant. If we choose a opposite sex to be friends, no one criticizes us for having to love and combine. We regard each other as friends just because we like them. If it's the opposite sex, it's just a coincidence.

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