The interesting sports meeting of Shiqiao primary school in Huguang town opened

At 3 p.m. on July 6, the social practice team of blooming summer planned and organized an interesting sports meeting for Shiqiao primary school.

Sports events are mainly divided into individual events and team events. Due to the limitation of the venue, individual events and team events will be held in the same venue at different times. Individual events are subdivided into kangaroo jumping, shuttlecock kicking, standing long jump, trot running, catching pigs and 50 meter running; The team race includes 50 meter head-on relay, fairy guide, crab carrying watermelon, paper clothes round-trip relay and mini triathlon.

Before the game, the team members used the lunch break to get familiar with the rules and procedures of the game. The little teacher and the team leader were constantly following up the preparation of various projects, the preparation of prizes and other details to ensure the smooth progress of the games. During this period, the students who came to the school early showed curiosity about the preparations for the sports meeting and their expectations for the sports meeting.

At 3:00 p.m., the sports meeting officially began, and the students actively participated in it. At the halfway point of the race, there was a sudden heavy rain, and it was impossible to carry out the outdoor project. The person in charge decisively removed the 50 meter race project, changed the outdoor project to indoor, and missed the start time of the project, ensuring the smooth development of the sports meeting. During the sports meeting, the students enjoyed it. At 5:30 p.m., the sports meeting came to a successful conclusion.

After the award ceremony, the team members said that although the details of the games still need to be improved and there is still room for progress, they were very pleased and satisfied to see the students leave with prizes on their faces. Zheng Huiting, the person in charge, affirmed the hard work and serious attitude of the team members and encouraged them to maintain this energetic and energetic state in their next work.

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