The journey of life is all scenery

Happiness is always short, only suffering is long. At present, people live in abundance and carefree, as if shortening the length of time. People on the happy journey enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way in the long river of years.

I always go in two steps to catch up with a certain period of time, but God says that your feeling of cherishing time like gold is commendable, but it is also naive, because time is always in a hurry, and you are born with no pause and no look back. That's good. We can't retain the years, so let the limited life be more poetic and more picturesque.

Along the way, wind and rain. We hummed young songs and looked forward to the future scenery. When I arrived at a certain node of life, I stopped a little and wiped my sweat. Looking back, those enviable youth and colorful scenery have been dried by the years on the way. Many things, many people, have been scattered on the edge of the years, and even disappeared.

When we only focus on moving forward, without noticing that life has reached the depths, those joys, those hearts, those joys and sorrows have become the footprints of the journey, like smoke and dreams. We have been frosted on our temples and wrinkled our faces. Wisps of melancholy, but also quietly climb in the heart is not wide enough.

The journey, in addition to the joy of being accompanied, also has unspeakable loneliness. Some people say that loneliness is a mature soil and a label for growth. Therefore, none of us can refuse. We should perceive and accept it. It's best to ignore the deep fleeting years in those lonely days. In trivial days, let yourself separate from the complexity and have enough time to read the depth of life and pack up for the journey.

People who have just embarked on the journey of life always like noise, sound and emotion, and do not like the silence of years. When you step into the depths of life, you like more quiet days and more, so that quiet can always become a kind of life. No matter the long night in winter or the dawn in summer, relying on a moment of rare tranquility, you can re understand yourself and feel the magnificent or ordinary life. Let you know who is in your life, can not be far away, who is trustworthy, let you down-to-earth, and who is just passers-by accompanying you

Presumably, life is like a picture, some of which are lifelike and colorful. Some are careless and desolate. We live in an ordinary world, cultivate years and moisten our mind. Mountain and water trek, longing for the magnificent destiny, not for flowers or applause, is a kind of spiritual arrival, and later has a regretless explanation with himself.

The journey like a song, some long, some short, we all look forward to a happy heart, and go and sing. Plenty of food and clothing is certainly a joy, but the warmth of the day and the filling of the spirit are even greater joy. For example, the best soil for the growth of a happy heart is the fragrance of books, the four seasons of flowers, the title of the golden list, the joy of family and the years.

Sacrificing life and forgetting death is not only a feeling, but also a spirit. We strive to benefit more people with a short life. Never blaspheme precious time and short life because of fear of death. When you reach the end of your life, you will be filled with scenery and prosperity.

Death is an unavoidable fact. Those who can face death directly always regard death as the energy of life journey rather than misfortune, which shows the wisdom and atmosphere of life. I like the French writer Montaigne's words very much: death is a beam of light, which can illuminate the secret way of life. When you no longer whitewash death for various reasons and face life directly, you will be desperate to pursue dreams, love and freedom. Do what you think is the most important thing. No rope can fetter you, and no bait can make you turn

People always "don't know where to live, don't know where to die, don't be willing to live and die. The so-called between life and death is only a short moment". In the boundless world, we are so humble and small. Although life is only a short stay, we are often submerged in the ocean of "eternal life". We have thousands of knots in our hearts. We can't make clear, can't let go, and can't figure it out. We look like we can coexist with heaven and earth.

The world is bustling. You come and go. The metabolism of life has made the world fresh. It's really not easy when we go from starving to old age. Stepping into the depths of the years, when life is really quiet, looking back at those past events, it is so childish and even full of laughter. At present, it may be another node of life. You might as well sing slowly, walk in the beautiful countryside of life, and slowly dry the joy of the journey like a song, such as hoarding.

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