The love story of a sick girl

Xiaoxue and Meng fan have been in love for seven years, but they have never married because Xiaoxue suffers from epilepsy.

Meng fan's family lives in a rural area, and she came to Beijing in her twenties. But after nearly 10 years in Beijing, I still drift north with nothing.

Xiaoxue's family is in the suburbs of Beijing. When she first met Meng fan, they had a good relationship. Later, he found that Xiaoxue had this disease, and his attitude towards Xiaoxue was a little cold. He also told Xiaoxue about his worries, saying that he was afraid that the disease would be inherited and affect future generations.

Later, after several years of separation from Xiaoxue, Xiaoxue still kept an eye on him. Xiaoxue thought that if he could find a suitable girl, Xiaoxue would give up on him.

But a few years later, they met again. He was still single, and so was Xiaoxue. That night, he drank wine, cried with Xiaoxue in his arms, and said that he had been an actor for several years, but still had no achievements, and still had no fixed residence and nothing. I have met several girls on a blind date, but when the other party mentions the house and car, he has no choice. He said that he would be 32 years old after his birthday. He had been afraid to go home in recent years for fear that his mother would ask about his marriage.

Xiaoxue embraces him and feels mixed. Xiaoxue said, "otherwise, let's get married. Our family was demolished and three houses were lost. My parents gave me one. If we get married, we don't need you to buy a house."

Despite the temptation of the house, Meng fan hesitated. Xiaoxue knows whether his heart knot is Xiaoxue's disease. That's it, on and off.

Before the Spring Festival this year, Meng fan came to find Xiaoxue. It seemed that he was determined to take Xiaoxue home with him to meet his parents. If there is nothing unexpected, settle their affairs.

For seven years, Xiaoxue has been waiting for this day, just because Xiaoxue likes him.

Xiaoxue followed him, braved the cold and tossed all the way back to his home.

His parents cried when they saw him and laughed when they saw Xiaoxue. Meng fan introduced that Xiaoxue was his girlfriend and was going to get married.

His parents treated Xiaoxue very warmly, made a table of dishes, and gave Xiaoxue a red envelope. Although the dishes on that table looked black, Xiaoxue didn't eat a few mouthfuls, and there was only 500 yuan in the red envelope. But Xiaoxue didn't dislike it, so she endured it for a few days. After returning to Beijing and getting married, they couldn't go home several times a year.

It's very cold at home. After dinner in the evening, Meng fan's mother made Xiaoxue's room and bed, and let Xiaoxue sit in the quilt to warm up.

Meng fan and his family were chatting in the main room. After waiting for a long time, they did not come to accompany Xiaoxue. Xiaoxue was tired and cold, so she fell asleep.

After sleeping until midnight, Xiaoxue woke up from the cold and got out of bed to find his mother to add a quilt.

When we got to the front door, we heard Meng fan and his mother talking about them. His mother said: "don't pick any more. You're so old. If you don't get married, you'll all be old. Although this girl has this disease, she has a ready-made house. You'll be wronged for a while. You'll marry her first, for fear that heredity can prevent her from having children. If she has a disease, I'm afraid her life will not be long. You've been wronged for a few years. When you get a house, do you still want to choose what you want?..."

Xiaoxue stood outside the door, her hands and feet cold, and everyone was stunned. Xiaoxue loves Meng fan sincerely, but Xiaoxue didn't expect that their family would be so vicious

Xiaoxue went back to her room, packed up her things and fled overnight.

Love is beautiful, but people's hearts are terrible. As the saying goes, "people's hearts are separated by their bellies, and people's hearts will be seen over time!" In terms of feelings, what is more painful than the surging pain of just losing love is that people are caught off guard for countless moments in the future, the lingering pain and loneliness, the epilepsy that has gone and come, not that person

Hope Xiaoxue finds her blessing! At the same time, hopes to help everyone meet a better self.

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