The memory is always in my heart, sweet and beautiful

In September, Shanghai is full of sunshine. Although it is very strong, it is not hot at all.

When night fell, the evening wind was blowing, bringing a trace of coolness.

This city, such weather, makes people happy.

I remember the same weather in the afternoon many years ago. Grandma taught aunt Nai how to play mahjong in our yard. The sunshine dyed the silver silk of the two old people golden, and the mulberry behind the house looked at all this quietly.

What a beautiful picture, but things are different. My aunt's milk and the paper-cut she cut are lifelike. But she can't play mahjong or watch cards. She never gets carsick by car, but she gets dizzy by bike. My grandmother is very short and not beautiful. Her only weakness is that she is so kind to everyone that I can't bear her leaving for the moment.

I want the future, you are all here. But I forgot the steps of birth, old age and death. Some people are destined to walk away in your life and can't accompany you to white head.

I remember the autumn when I was young. What I look forward to most every day is to see his figure. In the playground, in the water room, under the sweet clover tree, we often meet with joy. Now I am no longer young. When I recall the throbbing and feelings of that year, I still have a smile on my mouth. Whether you love or be loved, it is a beautiful warmth.

This autumn, there is no school or class. In a trance, I seemed to go back to the autumn day four years ago.

It was September 15th. I remember it clearly. My parents and I came to the school early. The road at the gate of the normal university is so shabby, and so is the path in the countryside. However, I fell in love with this road in the four years of college, because there are many delicious foods there.

I was the first to come to the dormitory. As soon as I brushed the door card, the small nest of two rooms and one living room was displayed in front of us. Mom and dad looked around the whole house. Mom smacked and said, it's not as good as your sister's college dormitory. Dad smiled and said, I think it's OK.

Later, my mother was busy, making sheets and packing. My father and I inspected every facility in the dormitory and commented on it. After a long time, another family of three came. D said hello to her politely from Changzhou. Their home is opposite to ours. Her father is busy and her mother is very leisurely. Dad really had nothing to say. He asked about D's college entrance examination results, but when he learned that it was not high, he smiled with satisfaction.

In the afternoon, a and C also arrived one after another. C was in a hurry. When he came, he asked for my phone and went out. He didn't come back until the class meeting in the evening. A is the last one to arrive. He looks very angry. It turned out that she had a fever a few days ago. Now she has almost returned, but when she reported to take her temperature, the temperature went up again. So his father accompanied her to hang water and tossed for a long time. Bird flu, bird flu, when we didn't step into the ivory tower, you swept everywhere. When we were about to graduate, you were angry again.

It was Tuesday, September 15th. The four of us met in 609. Since then, we have experienced many things together. If you write, you can write a book. We had laughter, quarrels, busyness and leisure. Now, time is in a hurry, we each hold one side, but those past events cannot disappear.

This autumn, we can no longer get together in that dormitory. I won't be the last one to arrive. I encourage them to come down and carry the boxes with the temptation of local specialties. This season, there are also school and classes, but it won't belong to the four of us anymore.

Tonight, D will leave for Tianjin to study. I wish her a pleasant journey. She is my most special roommate, which makes me happy and sad. Her child's temperament and incomparably persistent tenacity will be able to break a sky belonging to her in another country.

When I have feelings, she cares about each other's income more than I do. I was extremely impatient. She said: you usually save money. If the other party's conditions are good, you don't have to save money after you get married.

At that moment, I cried. My mother also knew that I would save money, but she never worried that I would live like this in the future. It's nice to have such friends and roommates.

Of course, I would also like to thank C who continues to study in Pengcheng and the civil servant in Haibin city. I spent the best four years of my youth with you.

This is the autumn of 2013. We can't go back. It's so warm. However, the memory is always in my heart, sweet and beautiful.

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