The mentality that should be possessed to consolidate friendship

Maybe you will be proud of having a few friends with similar interests and deep feelings. But sometimes you may be distressed and confused by the growing estrangement of your friends: there is not much estrangement and contradiction between you and your friends. How can friendship be diluted? The reason may come from many aspects, but if you pay attention to the following eight mindsets, the friendship and cheap dance shoes will be constantly consolidated.

1、 Adapt to performance, speak carefully, and don't hurt your friends' Self-esteem

Maybe you and your friends used to be very close and talked about everything. Maybe your talent and appearance. Family, future, etc. are enviable and superior to your friends and cheap tap dance shoes . These favorable conditions may enable you to show yourself recklessly, boldly and without restraint, regardless of occasions, especially when you are with friends. There is often an obvious sense of superiority in your speech, which makes people feel that you are speaking to others from a commanding position, deliberately showing off and raising yourself, hurting others' self-esteem, and can not help but have the idea of staying away. Therefore, when communicating with friends, we should control our emotions, keep rational, be modest, be open-minded, put ourselves on an equal footing with others and ccheap tap shoes , and pay attention to thinking about it from time to time

The existence of the other party, take care of the psychological endurance of the other party.

2、 Distinguish between each other, keep the contract, and don't let your friends guard against you

Friends and cheap ballroom dance shoes  often don't separate things from each other. However, if you take things from friends without permission and don't cherish them, sometimes you don't return them or don't return them at all. After a long time, your friends will think you are too presumptuous, resulting in Preventive Psychology, and may lead to estrangement between you. In fact, in addition to friendship, there is a subtle contractual relationship between friends. As far as things are concerned, you and your friends can borrow them at any time, which is beyond the relationship between ordinary people. But you should have a clear understanding of friends' things: "friends' things should be taken care of more." We should cherish our friends' belongings as part of our friendship and pay attention to the rules of reciprocity and cheap dance shoes . Only in this way can our friends trust you forever.

3、 Avoid carelessness, pay attention to details, and don't let your friends despise and dislike you

Between friends, the conversation and behavior should be straightforward, generous, kind, not artificial. Only in this way, can they show their natural nature. But if you are too loose, not self-control, informal, people will feel you are rude and vulgar. Maybe you will be rational when dealing with ordinary people, but when you get together with your friends, you will forget yourself, or give directions, or make irresponsible remarks, or arbitrarily interrupt your friends' words and dance shoes , ridicule, or look left and right when listening to your friends' words, and be absent-minded. Maybe this is your natural expression, but over time, your friends will feel that you are disgraced and have no self-cultivation. They will have a sense of disgust and contempt for you, which will change their original impression of you. Therefore, in front of friends, we should keep nature without losing self-respect, keep enthusiasm without losing etiquette, and be measured and moderate, so as to win the eternal friendship of friends.

4、 Keep your promise and promise. Don't let your friends think you can't be trusted

Maybe you don't pay much attention to some agreements between friends, and change your mind halfway after you readily accept their requests. Maybe you really missed an appointment or didn't finish the task entrusted by your friends. Maybe you will explain it lightly afterwards, thinking that friends can understand each other and don't care about trifles. Little do you know that your friends will be anxious and disappointed because you break your appointment. Although they will not accuse you face to face, they will certainly think that you are playing with the friendship of your friends, playing tricks on the occasion, and lacking a sense of trust. Therefore, we must be careful about our friend's agreement or trust. We must abide by the agreement on time. We must promise a thousand gold coins. We must not speak without faith and tap dance shoes .

5、 Ask for help from your friends. Don't force it. Don't let your friends think you are too unreasonable and overbearing

When you need help, of course, your first choice is a friend, but you can go to the door without notice, or force your friend to join you in an activity regardless of his willingness, which will make your friend feel in a dilemma. It would be even more embarrassing if he could not change his schedule. To your request, if you agree, you will disturb your plan. If you refuse, you will be unable to get along with others. Maybe he is willing to do it on the surface, but he is a little unhappy in his heart. He thinks you are too overbearing and unreasonable. Therefore, when you have a request for a friend, you must inform him in advance, speak in a consultative tone, and try to put forward the request on the premise that the friend and cheap tap dance shoes is free or willing.

6、 Make a clear distinction between the occasion and the situation. Don't let your friends get tired of you

When you visit a friend's house, if you meet a friend who is studying, or receiving other guests, or meeting a lover, or preparing to go out, if you believe that you are friends, regardless of the occasion, do not look at the friend's face, sit for a long time, boast, dominate the conversation, regardless of the other person's already on pins and needles, very impatient, in this way, your friend will think you are too uneducated, ignorant of the times, and inhumane, I will try every means to avoid you and fear that you will disturb his private life again. Therefore, in any case like this, you must react quickly and say goodbye after a few greetings. You should know that cherishing friends' time and respecting their private life are as valuable as cherishing friendship and cheap tap shoes .

7、 Be careful with your language and jokes. Don't let your friends suddenly feel that you are hateful

Sometimes when you are in public, to show off your eloquence, or to make people laugh, or to show that you are "close" to your friends, you use harsh language to satirize others, make a fool of yourself to make people laugh, and get a moment of pleasure... These practices often make your friends feel humiliated, think you have become so hateful, and regret that you mistakenly handed you over. Maybe you don't think so. You will say that it's not necessary to take a joke seriously between friends, but you have hurt their feelings. Therefore, when you get along with friends, especially in front of people, you should be kind to each other, respect each other and make concessions to each other. Don't make jokes and hurtful remarks.

8、 Respect your friends, be good at accepting others' words, and don't let your friends feel that you are a man of doing nothing

If you are a friend, you should work together in the same boat. You should seriously consider and appropriately adopt good intentions. If you ignore this point, go your own way, stick to your own views, ignore your friends' words and go your own way, you will suffer losses and your friends will suffer. This is bound to disappoint your friends and tap shoes. They think that you are too autocratic and don't pay attention to your friends. You are a man who does nothing but does many things. Later, you will become more and more estranged. Therefore, when making decisions, you should carefully listen to your friends' opinions and understand their kindness. Even if you find it difficult to adopt their opinions, you should explain them clearly so that your friends feel that you value them.

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