The mood is changeable

The mood is changeable, and the missing is the most melancholy, for fear that the wanderer hopes to return home. The taste is very different, and the smell of rice is the most unique, only the smoke of cooking seems to miss.

Before leaving home, my mother held a warm family dinner for me, and the table was full of my favorite dishes. That meal was probably the most delicious I had before I left home, so it was particularly comfortable. However, it was only a bowl of rice that moved me to a mess that night, and I even ate several bowls.

At that time, my mother thought I was too hungry. In fact, the cooking method of the rice is the same as usual, but it seems that the rice grains will suddenly become extremely delicious under the careful rubbing of mother every time. Now I think of the fact that I just don't want to leave my parents and the place full of love.

Food is the most important thing for the people. Even in college, we children who leave home often talk about food. When everyone talks about the special cuisine of his hometown and his parents' specialty, I will want to eat the rice cooked by my mother more and miss the smell of the rice more.

I remember when I was about to go back for the New Year holiday in my freshman semester, I told my parents in advance what date I would go home, and my mother also asked me what kind of food I wanted to eat. I said, whatever the food, there must be rice. Mom thought I was joking. In fact, after eating in different restaurants for so long, those meals still couldn't compare with those at home. When the return date was set, I went back to my family on schedule.

There are thousands of ways to express love, but my parents only make my heart feel warm when I am alone with a familiar smell of rice that accompanies my growth.

Only when you get home can you taste the familiar taste, that is, the taste of home.

There is a kind of delicious food called family cooked rice. There is a kind of warmth, called a family to eat.

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