The moonlight moistens my heart

The moonlight moistens my heart

Out of the window, the wind is blowing, the tree is moaning in the cold wind, the moonlight is pouring on the ground, shining into my heart.

That is a summer, I leisurely lying on the sofa, holding a bag of snacks, watching TV with relish, TV broadcast a dancer wearing cheap dance shoes dancing beautiful dance, from time to time came the sweet music, homework has already entered hibernation. My younger brother is swinging around in front of the TV, which is the rhythm of choosing things. His figure blocks me from enjoying the beautiful dance of dancers in beautiful dance shoes. I can't control my temper gradually. I yelled at him: "play next to me.". His face was covered with dark clouds, and soon it began to rain. I rushed forward to coax him, gave my snacks to clear up. He was comfortable lying on the sofa watching TV with a lollipop in his mouth. He looked like a "young master" and changed the TV station where the dancer I just watched wore cheap tap dance shoes.

I took down a book from the bookshelf and read it. This is a book about dance. It tells the story of a dancer dancing in cheap dance shoes. Looking at it, I fell asleep unconsciously. When I woke up, it was evening. I went into my study and saw that the house was in a mess. I knew that someone was in trouble again. While I was complaining, I was cleaning up. When I got to my desk, bits and pieces of paper were scattered on the desk. When I looked carefully, it was my handwriting“ Ah! Isn't this my summer homework? " I screamed with wide eyes. I staggered to my brother's door and tried to shout, "you come out, didn't you tear my homework?" I knocked hard at the door and there was no response. I went back to my study and slammed the door. All the pieces of paper on the desk floated down to the ground. I reached out to pick them up and burst into tears. I slumped on the floor, curled myself up and sobbed.

As night fell, I leaned listlessly against the wall. At this time, I was crying and the paper in my hand was wet“ "Bang", my mother came back and saw that my door was closed. She asked with concern, "honey, what's the matter? What are you doing in the room?" Seeing that I shouldn't, she opened the door and came in. I excitedly told her my grievances, and my tears fell down again. I saw my mother rushed out of the door and beat my brother angrily, which was really heavy. After criticizing him, he lowered his head and sobbed.

My mother comforted me gently. Outside the window, the bright moonlight sprinkled on the floor, like a layer of silver carpet. The moon shines on my mother's face through the window. How beautiful! But there is a trace of old, deep forehead wrinkles, touch my hand is rough. She wiped away the tears from the corner of my eyes, took me to the table and helped me glue up the pieces of paper one by one. I looked at her face, which was left behind by the years. My heart was tight and I shed happy tears. The moonlight shone on my mother's face and on my heart. That night, I dreamt that I was wearing cheap dancing shoes and dancing beautifully. It was so beautiful! I wear cheap ballroom dance shoes to show my graceful posture at the dance, and let the whole dance focus on me! At the same time, I danced a ballet, wearing cheap ballet dance shoes that my friends gave me, dancing like a swan! This dream is so sweet!

Maternal love is a ray of sunshine, warming me; Maternal love is a touch of moonlight, protecting me. I am just like a little flower, moistened by my mother's tender love.

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