The most honest affection

 After work, watching movies and cheap dance shoes has become my most popular pastime. At work, the whole person is as tight as a string and can't bear more pressure. Once off work, the whole person is like cotton candy. He is soft all over. He doesn't think about anything and doesn't want to think about anything. He just wants to make himself so relaxed. Do not want to go out to play, do not want to read, just lean on the head of the bed to turn on the computer and cheap tap dance shoes  and watch programs that do not need to think. I don't want to write when I want to. More appropriately, I can't write anything. No time to enjoy the scenery, no time to taste life, no time to think.

It was not until my father had a car accident and everyone came to visit my father that I learned that this was the most simple concern.

Dad liked to ride his big motorcycle and ccheap tap shoes . One day when he came home, he accidentally fell down and hurt his head, so he was admitted to the hospital. Not serious? The whole face is swollen, and a small amount of blood comes out of the skull. Is it serious? It's getting better every day. People come and go to the hospital every day. My father's colleagues and cheap ballroom dance shoes, relatives and friends at home come to visit him. However, I was not at home on the day of the accident, because my work place was far away from home, so I only went home once a week. You can only ask questions one by one. Two days later, I came back home. Looking at my father's swollen face, I couldn't speak, so I had to watch his infusion.

The next day after returning home, grandma learned about Dad's car accident. She cried and scolded on the phone and cheap dance shoes  , blaming several aunts for not telling her the situation. My grandmother lived in the countryside farther away. My grandfather died more than ten years ago. My grandmother was guarding the old house and was unwilling to live in any of her five daughters. My mother is the eldest, and my grandmother especially likes my father, the son-in-law. Every time I go back to see her, my father always fixes the bad things in grandma's house and does well the things that can make Grandma convenient. So grandma knew that something had happened to her father, so she came all the way from the countryside and dance shoes, took two native chickens she had raised, and got carsick all the way. As we imagined, grandma's face was dark and her hands were dark because she worked all the year round. She couldn't wash them off. She also carried two live chickens. If you meet me by car, you'll go a long way. I even wonder why the driver let people with chickens get on the bus? Now looking at grandma, I realize that my idea is so naive. What kind of concern is this?

The second aunt, the fourth aunt and the little aunt all came. They called the third aunt. The third aunt, like her grandmother, lives far away in the countryside. The third aunt is the most miserable of these aunts. Her family was poor. She had two sons who were in middle school. She had to grow food to keep her family afloat. She knew and hurried home, but she didn't see anyone until night. Only the little brother carried a bag of rice and a native chicken did he know that the third aunt was seriously carsick. She couldn't stand it half the way and got off and went back. Only rice and chicken were sent. Rice is the fragrant rice collected this year, and the chicken must be raised by itself.

Looking at the boxes of milk, supplements and things sent by grandma and aunt at home, I felt that... Maybe these are not worth money for us, but for them, they are full of care and affection. As for our current working environment and treatment of our family, this kind of care and affection has long disappeared. We now have more apathy. As long as we do our own work well, other people's affairs have nothing to do with ourselves, let alone have any relationship with ourselves. Family members don't often go home and don't call. They don't know how their parents' recent life is?

Maybe the city is very beautiful, maybe you will laugh at the people in the countryside who don't know anything. But from time to time, you can see the people around you, live a simple life, breathe fresh air, and feel the most simple affection.

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