The next day, it was wonderful

Today is the second day we came to Lotus middle school. We got up very early in the morning. After breakfast, our research group went out to investigate. It happened to be the same time as the logistics group. So we set out together. There were more than a dozen people. It was really lively.

The roadside is full of longan trees, banana trees, rice and orange. It's harvest time. Seeing the farmer's uncle harvesting, I think of my old time in the countryside. Although tired, it is very full. I really miss it. After arriving at the destination, we began to investigate. We took the questionnaire and asked parents one by one about their views on "the impact of the Internet age on primary and secondary school students". Some people were very resistant and unwilling to fill in the questionnaire, but others were very enthusiastic and filled in the questionnaire seriously, which moved us very much.

In the afternoon, the opening ceremony was the highlight. When I was queuing up, I saw the banner that read "the opening ceremony of the three summer trips to the countryside of the Manchu star social practice team". I was inexplicably touched. Yes, it finally started. Looking at the students standing next to me, I felt as if I saw my own appearance in that year. They are our past, and we are their future.

Anyway, in the next few days, I will work hard and live up to this trip.

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