The number of friends is sparse

Only by keeping an appropriate distance between people can we feel each other's beauty to the greatest extent—— Hedgehog rule.

In the cold winter, the two hedgehogs need to keep warm together. At first, because the distance is too close, their thorns make each other bleed. Later, they adjusted their posture and opened an appropriate distance from each other, which not only kept each other warm, but also well protected each other.

In dear Andre, Long Yingtai said to his son: life is actually like a road from a wide plain to a forest. On the plain, companions can walk in groups, pushing forward and pushing back happily and helping each other; Once you enter the forest, the grass and thorns get in the way, the situation changes. Everyone pays attention to his own way and looks for his own direction.

The group emotion of pushing and pushing, singing and playing together, and the deep feelings of carefree and suspicious colleagues are only found in adolescence in one's life.

This screening process has a scientific name, which is called social emotional choice theory.

If you pull a friend into the blacklist, you will inevitably "apply through friends" to another person.

You are "easy to go, no free" by one circle of friends, which also means that you are "welcome" by another circle of friends.

Zhang Ailing met Yan Ying at the University of Hong Kong. Later, she became better and almost became suspected of being gay. Most of the illustrations in Zhang Ailing's books are created and colored by Yan Ying, and most of the photographers are her. In peacetime, they talked about their studies, clothing, food, shortness of breath, long love and chaos. When war came, they avoided the fire of war together. In August 1944, Hu Lancheng divorced his second wife and married Zhang Ailing. Yan Ying is the witness.

Unfortunately, after the water spray of youth is washed away, in the turbulent time, you can only see the people who have gone and have no return.

As they grew older, they gradually alienated, then broke off their friendship, and almost died of old age. One lives alone in the United States, and the other lives happily in Japan.

A true confidant can be met but not sought. Maybe in his life, we can't meet Ziqi, let alone Leonard. What a pity.

Master Hongyi said: a gentleman's friend is as light as water. Cling to the image and seek, thousands of miles away.

Liang Shiqiu said: make friends with friends and respect them for a long time.

Therefore, people must keep a proper distance to live.

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