The quarrel in the dance shoe cabinet

The quarrel in the dance shoe cabinet

In the dead of night, a fierce quarrel took place in a dance shoe cabinet.

The comfortable tap dance shoes said with pride, "I am the strongest among you. Every time I put on my little master's tap dancing, I always take the first place. It's all my credit. Look at the Latin dance shoes. If the little master puts on your smelly slippers, he will fall and get the last."

The noble ballroom dance shoes said in a shrill voice, "you see, every time my little Master goes to the ball, he has to put on me. As soon as he puts on me, the little master will become the princess at the ball. Everyone will envy him. I've won a lot of glory for him! If you put on your broken cotton padded shoes, people will be scared to death. If you put on your rotten rain shoes, people will laugh your teeth out.

Comfortable slippers, not to be outdone, said coarsely: "the little master is very tired after a day's study, so I will discard all my troubles when I put them on. If you wear heavy rain shoes, the little master will be more tired. "

Beautiful sandals angrily said: "in the hot summer, the little master depends on me, I will feel very cool if I put them on. If you put on cotton padded shoes, the little master's feet will be baked and stuffy. "

Gao Gao's rainshoes, angry and angry, blushed and said, "as soon as it rains on me, my feet won't get wet. If you put on rotten slippers, the little master's feet will become "soup feet."

The warm cotton padded shoes said leisurely: "in the cold winter, as soon as I put on, my little master will be warm. If you put on sandals, your feet will turn into ice, so you will get sick. "

They are making a noise on the ground. The father-in-law of the shoe cabinet said earnestly, "you should be united and friendly, not quarrel." The father-in-law of the shoe cabinet said, and all kinds of shoes lowered their heads in shame and turned red.

Each pair of dance shoes and household shoes has its own advantages and disadvantages. Dance shoes and household shoes should learn from each other and be united and friendly.

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