The Rain of Outside the window

The Rain of Outside the window

Rain is a piece of gauze for the countryside, and dance brings joy to the countryside.

Different from the rain in the city, even the hard sound falling on the concrete floor can not stop the noise of the city and hinder people's prosperous life in high-rise buildings. The rain in the countryside is absolutely wonderful, and the dance in the countryside is absolutely attractive.

I like the rain in the countryside. I often sit by the window and watch the rain fill the window and fill my heart. I also like dancing. It's so beautiful to put on cheap dancing shoes and dance on the grass or barefoot in the mud. Like tens of millions of silver wires, they are shining and crystal clear, connecting the heaven and the earth together. The rain outside the window is cold, and it falls gently on the soil. Sometimes it takes a slide among the leaves, and some play a symphony on the lake. That kind of sound is light, lively, pure and clear. It quietly steps into my heart, melts into my blood, soothes my restless heart, washes my increasingly confused heart, but it doesn't lack active breath.

The real scene outside the window can always form a scene. The drizzle outside the window envelops the countryside, which is full of vitality and vitality. The trees are baptized in the rain, the birds lie down quietly under the eaves, and the insects escape quietly in the clumps. All things become quiet under the influence of the rain. At this time, put on cheap dance shoes and dance with a light rhythm. The rain is hazy, and with that quiet atmosphere, there is a poetic. Through the rain curtains, you can see a boat on the river. The fisherman in straw hat and coir raincoat skillfully controls the fishing rod. You can see that in the field not far away, there is an old cattle driving a yuan plow, walking slowly with the farmer; You can see the spacious road, only the children playing figure, splashing a high spray in the puddle. I think that this series of photography works may be named "rainy day · leisure", plus the dance of girls wearing cheap tap shoes, absolutely, rainy day - Leisure - dance.

Lying on the rattan chair, my mood floated out of the window. With the sound of rain, my mind is still the scenery outside the window. Leisurely with the rattan chair rippling in my heart, I look at the elegant figure of grandma in the distance wearing cheap ballroom dance shoes. At this time, I can sink my heart and feel the taste of the rain world. Maybe I will think how many times I am in the rain, how many places are in the rain, and how many ancient and modern sages are in the rain to feel the beauty of dance? Maybe I will think of the warm embrace on rainy day, the sincere agreement on rainy night, the cold tears on rainy day... As if facing God. Under God's will and majesty, I can only reveal my sincerity, treat each other honestly, dream, work hard for the present, repent and recall.

I found a rainy day in the city and sat by the window with a good book and a cup of tea. However, the indecisive sound of raindrops falling on the concrete floor bothers me instead. From time to time, loudspeakers and advertisements break the silence, and the roadside lights flash in front of me. I had to go back to my room and remember the rain outside the window of the country.

The sound of rain is still outside the window, but the feeling is hard to find. I seem to see the wet appearance of trying to find my way out of the window. The figure in cheap dance shoes feels a chill, but the corner of my mouth rises with a smile.

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