The rain recedes, the sky is clear

The rain recedes, the sky is clear, the wind is drunk, the thoughts are endless, the play is difficult to end, the rain falls wordlessly, the rain has traces, it is the most difficult to understand the mood, Mo language streamer is easy to hurt!

Meteor fell in love with the earth, just for that moment; Xingyun falls in love with the flowing water and doesn't hesitate to fall down, just for the sake of understanding the love. There is a feeling hidden in everyone's heart, which is nothing more than a solemn pledge of eternal love. There is a kind of person in everyone's heart, nothing more than some friends who share weal and woe and are everlasting. There is a little memory in everyone's heart, nothing more than a long and thoughtful past. With the passing of floating clouds, with the falling of rain, with the flying of snowflakes, will they consciously remind us of the pain, the acid or the unbearable bit by bit

Scattered thoughts flood my mind and surround my chest. I don't know whether it is the heart or every nerve that hurts. I always want to outline the incomplete perception with the tip of a pen. But the lonely hands can hardly express the messy ideas in perfect words. Is it an empty memory, a one-way yearning, or an endless mixture of hatred and love? I don't know

The voice of sentimental songs lingered around the computer, only wilfully crossed the expression without modification. It is not a complete melody, but it is enough to bury the lost me, more and more silent, more and more cold. Occasionally, a flickering picture is engraved on the wall of memory. completely indifferent.

When the dust laden memory is broken by any time, the happiness in two is vaguely presented in front of us. Confused and indifferent. How I wish the world would settle down like this, and I would always sleep in this sudden visit. Perhaps loneliness will swallow my dream. Maybe the pain will disturb my heart. be careless with.

Opening the yellow words of yesterday, I also want to capture the memory of a few words, but in exchange for fragmented sadness. It is not like the cold blowing wantonly or the orderly interpretation. We can only allow the displacement of endless thoughts, and we can no longer find the other side of the boat.

I want to find your shadow with my memory, seize your tenderness in my dreams, listen to your feelings with my heart, and just stay at the ferry at this moment. However, the distance began to stir. Only the irritability and uneasiness watching the rain hit the doors and windows, and the deep pain and sufferings in the long night kept me awake.

When the rain recedes and the sky is clear, the heart cannot forget all kinds of pains brought by that season, the sunshine of that day and the smile of that person.

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