The roses in memory

The roses in memory

In my thick and big book, there are still two roses. Whenever I see it, I think of the red, rose like face of the little girl in cheap tap dancing shoes.

It was a summer morning, and my mother gave me ten dollars to help her buy food. In a moment, I took a big watermelon and a lot of vegetables out of the market. Gee! What are so many people there? I also pushed in no matter how heavy the things were in my hand. It turned out to be a little girl selling roses. She was wearing a pair of cheap dance shoes. Her clothes looked like dance clothes. Those roses were still covered with dew! Most striking is her face, red as lovely as a rose. Many people pay for one or two. I asked, only five cents a, I think: great, buy two, one for mom, one for Dad. So, I was just about to pay for the flowers, and I found that my mother had spent ten dollars on it.

At this time, there were many people buying flowers. I took the opportunity to take two roses and turn and run. I was just going to have a rest when I found out that the watermelon was gone. Ah! Bad, bad. I left the watermelon at the flower seller's. I wanted to get the watermelon back, but I thought about it. If the little girl recognized me, whatever I would spend, I would give it to her. Thinking, I can't help but walk to the balcony to see the little girl. She had sold out her flowers, but she still held my watermelon and waited, waited, and looked at both sides from time to time...... At this time, I can no longer sit, take out my accumulated 10 yuan change money, ran out. When I told her the story and said I would pay her money, she smiled and said, "it doesn't matter. Give it to you!"

Now, the rose has no fragrance of the past, but the girl's good heart is deeply engraved in my heart.

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