The setting sun slowly fell into the mist of the west mountain

The setting sun slowly fell into the mist of the west mountain. The green of a season has been polished with the impression of years, flowing like ink between heaven and earth. Standing in the afterglow, I felt the wet and warm of the south wind in the north. My heart was getting warmer and my thoughts drifted into the depths of the years

I gave laughter to the bright moon and clear wind, just want to have a dream of growing up; I sang the song to the green water and green mountains, just want to make the happiness of childhood float forever. What innocent years it was, accompanied by sunshine, stars and dreams.

Once, I sat in the courtyard and watched the rainbow after the rain. The colorful bridge leads to the other end of the sky. Once, I folded a flower and put it on my head. The bright flowers have become the bright spring in my eyes. Once, I put a candy gently on the tip of my tongue. The crystal candy has been sweet for a whole childhood.

In the childhood world, whether happy or sad, it is always so simple and pure. It is as clear as the sky after rain and as clear as the wind on the field, without any dust. My thoughts, over many past events, stay in the childhood with no deep memory, such as the flowers loved by butterflies, the moon accompanied by the breeze, and the rain and dew scattered by the sun, persistent and beautiful!

Those innocent and carefree years always make us miss them so much. Perhaps, growth is a sad song. If not, how can we miss that childhood song so much? "Shake, shake, shake to grandma bridge, grandma calls me a good baby..."

In the memory of childhood, adults are always busy. As a result, children have more time to play. And every sunset, the village sounded the call of mothers. A sound, full of strong local feelings and deep maternal love. Hearing our mother's call, we scattered around and returned to the cottage with cooking smoke. Around the village, it was suddenly quiet.

In childhood, with warm joy and frank steps, we face the sunrise to sunset day by day. Before we know it, we have grown up.

Many past events twinkle in front of us. Knowing that one day, all the joys and sorrows will leave me, I still try my best to explore the source of happiness in the past of my childhood.

How I wish I could hear the singing of childhood and see the young face on the hillside full of flower fragrance after waking up from a dream. Perhaps, we should believe that every road has its end. And the end of the road of life is the dream childhood.

Childhood is short and beautiful. It's a thing of the past before you leave. I looked at the sunset that had fallen into the west mountain and thought of the ancient ballad. Fate ups and downs, but never lost the yearning for life. Maybe we all had a beautiful place in our hearts, that is the direction of childhood.

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